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  1. It's just been announced that Cardiff City FC's bus celebration will be held on Sunday meaning there's now going to be closedoff streets and alot more people in the city centre than there may have previously been. Might cause issues for cos players due to increased police also.
  2. To anyone that went to this weekends shows was there any word on dates for the 2016 con? I need to book them off in work.
  3. Me & my family came yesterday to the con. My wife was looking at a stall that was selling alot of baseball caps of various designs but we didn't pick one up. I was wondering if any one knows who was selling them or happend to get a flyer?
  4. There was no flyers up today at the con so I was wondering if there was any idea of the dates of this yet. I need to book time off at work.
  5. I don't have a printer so what do I do now when I order my tickets.
  6. To be fair most people don't go on the Sunday as there's alot less guests compared to Saturday's
  7. Omg I was only going Sunday to see Craig & Jason. There's no point in me going now!
  8. If they've replaced him with Alfie I'm really disappointed as Jason was attending both days & Alfie isn't.
  9. Are there going to be anymore sunday guests as half the guests so far only seem to be attending on saturday? Its going to look a bit sparse there at this rate.
  10. Are they ever gonna be put on the main site?
  11. The person who said the new sci fi mag is made by the people from DVD Review is wrong. Last time I checked SFX, Total Film & DVD Review were all made by the same company thus how film reviews etc appear identical in some issues.
  12. Any idea what the earliest time these will start on the Sunday? I want to buy tickets but due to coming from South Wales won't arrive untill 11am - 12am so don't want to buy a ticket only to find one of the shoot's is at 11am.
  13. Easy to find!? If you don't know the area you'll easily get lost in the 15 or so round abouts you have to go through to get there. I also came from Wales for CM10
  14. Any news on the Collectormania CIA front?
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