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  1. James told me and a few others that he was filming a pilot for a new program and if it got accepted by the network then he would be busy doing that
  2. If this is the new date, it clashes with Rugby World Cup
  3. I received my tickets for CFCC the other day, ive noticed that the James Marsters Costume ticket is for Newcastle not Cardiff as i had ordered. @Showmasters, please can you send me the correct ticket Thanks Sarah
  4. Oct/Nov would be perfect, just after my move to Cardiff :)
  5. London or Cardiff, preferably in October/November
  6. So hope i can go (fingers crossed)
  7. Only 2 days to go to get all your msg's, photos, quotes in to me for the book xxx lets make this a gd one xxxx https://www.facebook.com/groups/KaiOwenBdayBook13/?fref=ts
  8. Bump Last fewdays to get msg's and photos to me x
  9. If tickets didnt come in time for any reason, can we just bring our receipts?
  10. Same here, im waiting for tickets that were purchased on 04/08 and 08/08. Both orders have been paid for. Queen_Sindel please can you find out when they will be dispatched. I leave the island on 30/08.
  11. Yay thanks DavidB, can't wait for the announcement
  12. Well said, maybe someone should pitch this to him lol
  13. I am going to create a Birthday Book to give to Kai Owen at this event in September, Please post your messages and photos at the below Group xx Deadline date for messages is 23rd August 2013!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/KaiOwenBdayBook13/?fref=ts or email: kaibdaybook13@yahoo.co.uk Thanks Sarah xx
  14. The cancelled picture has been changed to him appearing only on the Sunday, so maybe we still do get him, and whoever moved his pic, should of moved it back lol
  15. According to the home page with the pics of all the guests, Sylvestor has cancelled? Nothing mentioned on the forum.
  16. Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill, Karen Gillan, pls !!! xx
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