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  1. Heres a great guest that should get loads of people coming, jerry lewis is a TRUE legend of Comedy and films. Does anyone agree with me?.
  2. leeg


    Anyone wanna chat with me about todays show, email me at.. Swashbuckler@gala.Net.. Cheers. Lee
  3. just like to thank showmasters for a great day,i did enjoy every minute of it the guests were superb and very friendly i saw Lance henriksen he was a nice chap to talk to i even had my photo taken with him. Then i saw George L,Louis gosset,vernon wells they were all nice.Did anyone see me there?I was the short guy with the beard and long hair i had my mother with me shes kenny bakers partner!!.
  4. Ahhh Man! . Bang goes my day out then, with Adam Baldwin and yaphet not attending theres no one else that i want to see now unless showmasters pulls out the stops and surprise us with a MYSTERY Guest. Love to see Sigourney Weaver if will do it..
  5. Will there be anymore Guests Anouncements for C10?. I can't wait, it be my 8th collectormania i think it has a strong lineup this time around theres at least 7 guests i want to meet on next saturday. Anyway have a great time everyone i might see ya there. Lee
  6. Peter graves has been in one of bud spencers film.What about Dario Argento? Geez that would another ultimate guest, i have already met george romero. Great director.
  7. Any chance of getting Bud Spencer and Terence Hill for c10 or any other showmasters events?, i think they would be great they are very popular in europe i'm a huge fan of the two. Does anyone agree?.
  8. Does anyone know when the collectormania website will get updated?. Cheers.
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