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  1. Hi, I've got photo ops with Arthur Darvill (batch no. 6) and Aidan Turner( batch no. 9) on Sunday, but unfortunately, I've to leave for my train at around 2.30 pm. I'll probably gonna make the afternoon shoot with Arthur Darvill (if there won't be any delays), but with Aidan Turner, I'll have a problem. Do you think it'd be possible to get into the morning shoot somehow?
  2. Julia My favourite character is Lucifer from Lucifer. Cardiff Film & Comic Con please
  3. I'm not sure where you see a Stargate talk ... do you mean the Atlantis talk by any chance? That's not Stargate. That's a talk for a show called "Atlantis" (which clashes with the Doctor Who talk unfortunately ).
  4. Maybe we can have a private photo session after the Atlantis talk? It's worth a try... Now I just really hope that posed photos are allowed during autographs... And seriously SM.. how about that private photo session? Actually, I'm a bit disappointed. I was hoping they'd do the Atlantis photo shoots earlier in the day as they're only there for Sunday, and I guess there're quite a few people who have to leave early to catch a flight or train.
  5. Maybe we can have a private photo session after the Atlantis talk? It's worth a try...
  6. @ angelbacchae I've got the same problem. Sadly, Jack Donelly's photo shoot on Sunday is way too late for me, I've got to leave around 1 1/2 to 2 hours before that. Is there a chance to somehow exchange my ticket for the photo shoot with another (with the same prize)?
  7. Any chance to get some "Da Vinci's Demons" guests? Like... - Tom Riley - Lara Pulver - Tom Bateman - Laura Haddock - Elliot Cowan - Blake Ritson - Eros Vlahos et al. Or the latest cast of Being Human? They should be relatively free... ^^ - Damien Molony - Michael Socha - Kate Bracken Well, these would be my suggestions for the moment...
  8. Hi, do you have any contact addresses for dealers who are usually attending the smaller events like the HUB or Chevron? I'm looking for a way to contact the two nice ladies who are selling these littles badges. They made some lovely Merlin badges for me, but unfortunately they got stolen from my bag where I pinned them onto! So, I'd like to contact these dealers to get some new badges... Thanks for all of your help!
  9. Don't get me wrong, I love Being human, but I think you can't compare Merlin's fanbase with it. Merlin has afaik a much bigger fanbase. The series has been sold in what?... over 130 territorries? Or was it even 180? Honestly, it's huge. It's a great success everywhere (Australia, Japan, and now it even has topped Stargate Universe on SyFy concerning the viewer numbers for the last ep (sorry, had to mention this )). There're countless comms for Merlin on LJ, and people even travel to France to watch them filming. So, I'd say Merlin would be quite a safe bet for a proper con! And I really hope SM/ME will hear my prayers...
  10. While the first guest encounter on Saturday, someone asked about the SGA movie and whether he thinks it's going to happen or not ... his answer was: "Honestly? No!" So, although he'd love to make that movie (he really wants to) he doesn't think there'll be a SGA movie. That's all I can say ...
  11. Hi guys, I don't know if it's only me but I'm terrible in remembering things and stuff which was said by the guests, but the moment I hear a quote I'm able to recall the story around that... so, I thought it might be nice to have a thread where we can post the best or memorable quotes of the weekend. What you think? Or shall I just start? Okay, then... here's my first quote: Ryan Robbins: "She said: 'I have to shift your... bits!'"
  12. Okay, one question, where do you read that sheepyie and others would have planned to have an "organised walk-out" at his panels? She said that they wouldn't attend to his panels. For me, that's something completely different. And because I know sheepyie in person, I know she meant it that way! And also, I guess, we're all agreeing that words can be missinterpreted, but how else you'd suggest to show Brian that what he did was wrong? I mean, it's easy to show appreciation for a person (by clapping, cheering, whatever), but if words don't work, how you show your discontent? Or should people who are upset by his behaviour just let it go while his fans can keep defending and praising him? Sorry, IMO everyone has the right to express their feelings, as long as it's in a decent way, and showing their discontent by simply not attending to his panels or having his autograph, I think, it's just that... *just my two cents*
  13. @Queen Sindel I just logged in, because I wanted to post the same as you did... @Colonel Ez Thing is, he still keeps being nasty against said person. He says, we don't know the circumstances why he pulled out... yes, true, but why he doesn't say what the reasons were exactly? At least to SM/ME? He's a grown up professional for god's sake! If he's upset about the way SM/ME are handling things, then he should just say it. If there's something else then he shouldn't have let the world know that he's not interested in a SG-1/SGA con (although he wouldn't have been the only one from SGU... afaik BamBam is very much involved in SGU as well, is he not?). But his whole behaviour with twittering the cancellation and not letting SM/ME know first is just childish... sorry. I'm really disappointed. And I'm also disappointed because I get the feeling that people think those who don't like SGU (me being one of them) are not able to distinguish between the show/script/whatever and the actors... e.g. I've been to the HUB3 even most of the guests were from CoE, and I hated that series (I still do). But I'm very well aware of the fact that the actors are not to blame. In fact, I had very nice chats with them. They were great! Do people really think we'd blame Brian for not liking the show itself? Edit: Gosh, you guys are really too fast for me... *lol* sorry, this post is meant to be a reaction to the posts from Queen Sindel and Colonel Ez at page 4!
  14. At a guess, they've been taken off because there's another poll including it pinned at the top of the section Hmm, the results for Spooks and Law and Order are still in this poll though so that's really strange that the Merlin results have disappeared lol. Unless it's a sign of course that they're thinking about a Merlin convention lol I'd say, it's because this poll here is from February 2009 and there was no Merlin! I guess you mean this poll here.
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