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  1. EXTERMI-NATE !!!! Huh ! I'll have it if you don't want it anymore !
  2. For Lee and Stuart- I haven't logged in on here for yonks, but just had to say thank you to all of the people from the Dalek Builders Guild for making C7 truly memorable. The whole thing is always too much of a crush for me on the whole but you guys really, really made the weekend. You were great, and I do hope you come back in the future. My inner geek thanks you. You rock, all of you.
  3. I've watched Bubba Ho-Tep twice already this week !!! [Cartman] Does anyone want to touch me? [/Cartman] Bruce Campbell for C6 !!!!!! Taking care of Business Baby !
  4. Olivia Beradinis is one of the foremost female cheesecake artists in America. If you've seen any art featuring Julie Strain or Bettie Page, she's probably painted it.
  6. Look in one of the Straczcynski Amazing Spider-Man T/P's for the 9/11 story. Can't remember which one exactly, but don't go paying that much for a single comic
  7. Katchoo


    Aye yeh, I've seen it. Is it me or does Thomas Jane not look 'ard enough. Looks a bit fluffy round the edges to me. Do you know what rating it's getting yet? I haven't seen anything. Can't imagine a decent Punisher film being anything less than a 15. An 18 would be marvellous. Oh the Quicktime version of the Hellboy traler? Sweet Christmas, it looks fantastic !!!
  8. Katchoo


    Ye Gods. I've been going to that trailer over and over all weekend. Del Toro hasn't let me down in the past and it doesn't look like he's going to this time either. Car Punch !! Ha, Matrix car jumping? Pah... Pamcakes !!!
  9. Mmmm loving this orange... BRUCE BRUCE BRUCE BRUCE BRUCE !!!!! PS... Bruce !
  10. Bruce for C5 !!!!!! Plus a lot of people I know would travel a long way to see Bruce "God" Campbell, even more so if you screened Bubba Ho-Tep !!!!!
  11. Katchoo


    Lol. World, meet my other half, Rubel. Hmmph, no Batman: Night Cries, on that list.
  12. This seems as good a place as any to put this at the moment. My partner is trying to register, but no matter what manner of name he enters as a username it keeps coming up as 'username already taken'. Is there a bug in the system? He'd like to post on the LFCC comic chatter board, but can't get the registration to work for love nor money. I've tried as well, and it's definitely doing it.
  13. Errr hormonally speaking Billy Boyd, cos he gives good hugs and Andy Serkis, cos I've yet to get one off him . Spent so long queueing last time I missed Andy, shouldn't be greedy I suppose I did meet him at C3. Other than that, not really too fussed.
  14. Lol. I'm not writing it, but the person who is, is a huge horror afficiando, so I'm pretty sure he'll squeeze more than a few references in there that'll make you smile. :) It's very much a childhood to adulthood story, covering his years growing up. I'm fuzzy on the details to be honest as I haven't read it since it first came out, I'll have to drag it out and have another look.
  15. Definiely the latter. Quiver was an excellent book, Smith's treatment of Ollie was what got me into reading Green Arrow, a title I'd not bothered with much previously, and the run since then has been a really good read. The brutality of the end section of (I think) two issues ago was staggering and a real nailbiter. Mind you, I guess that counts as action. For a long time, it seemd to me that some of the titles were merely paying lip service to the more complex undertones of the characters, Batman being a good case in point. Alan Moore's Killing Joke and Miller's Dark Knight Returns pulled him back into the dark places and proved that intelligent writing could be coupled with stunning visuals and not lose it's impact. IMO a lot of the more interesting stuff that Marvel have put out in recent times, primarily I'm thinking of New X-Men and the Ultimates lines is forging a pretty good path for them. Conversely I loathed the Marvel Max version of Nick Fury, where he was longing for the 'Good Ol Days, and using every swear word known to man in the process. Aggghh too many thoughts crowding my mind. One of my current champion causes is to get as many people to read Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan as I can .
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