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  1. I flailed... I flailed hard... I can't be going to even more conventions T-T but... its...its...it's MacGuyver!!
  2. ...Likewise XD And Mark was there the Sunday night apparently. There are photos that prove it, I've been told he was in the main bar/loungey bit most of the time. Dunno until when.
  3. You were a team captain? Epic!! I would have loved to put my hand up & volunteered for it, but I was too much of a wuss, and didn't know nearly enough I think, though I knew the Colt had 13 bullets so I wish I put my hand up instead of the guy that did XD He was deffo my favourite guest of the weekend too :) We totally kicked Gods ass!!! XD Nooooooiiiiiiiiice!!! I was gonna do it if no one else did XD Never made an FB group before though XD
  4. My thoughts exactly. I do usually try to watch a bunch of stuff the guests have done if I haven't seen them in much, just so I have something to to say XD. But he was fantastic. Sooo lovely. Want them all back. Plus more. Plus the bouncy castle. AND next time a ball pit!! XD
  5. Yeah T-T was so sad there wasn't one... but bouncy castles... at a con... it needs to happen every time.
  6. I am so jealous of you XD Surprised the chairs didn't go for more frankly. I mean they sat in them, AND signed them. And the highest was £40... the banners went for more... can't understand that XD
  7. I so am XD I love when guests turn out to be epic when you didn't really expect em to be at all. Mark is one such case. Was so glad I was on the right side not the left on the sunday XD much as I love Rob, was really feeling the Rolston vibe over the con weekend XD Anyone else still wanna be an Angel XD
  8. Loved the quiz (Alastair's Angels FTW!!!!!!!! *RAWR* Love Chuck too, but I'm totally an Angel now XD), loved the talks, would listen to them talk for hours happily, about god knows what XD I'm not usually one for parties either, but friday was awesome, as was saturday, and after a bit sunday picked up too . Other organisers should take note, always have a bouncy castle at conventions. Cos they're friggin epic!! I can't believe more people didn't go on it! Meant more for me and my friends though And loved that Sherlock was playing in between talks on sunday XD ohmyword we flailed/squealed/wooped when we saw that XD Glad there wasn't lots of running around and clashing of stuff. Prefer it more leisurely to madness XD Not sure what else I can say really, other than I really really enjoyed it and I am truly addicted to conventions now XD After just two weekends cons... It'll be hard to say no to any SPN con(or a con for any show that I like if I keep being as addicted XD), regardless of guests going, cos they always turn out to be awesome. I just love the talks so much... Order of favourite things Talks-Auto's-Photo ops. I think thats it, I do love getting my photo with them, its like evidence I've met em, but I love getting to talk to them more, hence auto's & talks are more my favourite. But usually it takes me a bit to get the guts/cahones to talk XD beginning of the weekend I'm still a bit timid, by the end, I'm all woopy & happy to run over to em and say 'Honey, hush' XD I need to do a guest encounter next time... I'm kicking myself once again for not doing one at this con either... I missed Todd... I missed Marksha... and now I've missed Mark/Rob/Sam too XD Possibly crit would have been on the early photo ops. But that was explained to me & my friendlies in the sunday night party, so no crit for that (I went on a bit XD)
  9. Those talks were brilliant. I second this! DVD! It was all recorded after all!! Wish I'd recorded the audio for my own use, BUT if I'm told expressly not to do something, I won't do it. The goody-two-shoes in me can't ignore that. Still wish I had the talks to listen to again though T-T
  10. I do love Rob/Chuck, they're adorkable. And the name Chuck's Chicks is brilliantly fantastic. But Alastair's Angels FTW . Was totally glad I was on Marks side. Glad I moved from where I was on saturday XD (Over the course of the weekend I got more & more fangirly for Mark XD All cos of the box comment in the photo op XD & I loved him for it XD no one addresses my freakish height usually!!
  11. Awwwww it was awesome!! I wanna go back now T-T Such awesome guests!!! I love when a guest totally surprises you and turns out to be absolutely brilliant. Has happened twice now for me. And I've latched on both times XD Its shameful... but Mark's so awesome XD So super lovely XD touched my knee on the way out of his sunday talk with Rob and I'm still a little flaily/confused XD (Moved what seemed like feedback to the feedback thread XD)
  12. I'll be the very stereotypical looking witch. Hat and all. Wish I had a cape & broom.... Quite boring. But easy, and on sunday, tis what I'll need XD
  13. I am properly-properly hyper now. Properly hyper. Feels real now. Now the schedules up I think...
  14. o_O Thats way more food places than I found last time I was there XD Though there weren't any events going on when I was last there... the off license near the subway and weatherspoons was shut over the weekend T-T Though as theres stuff going on this time, it should stay open, right?
  15. Ahhhhh no rushing about, no clashes...its gonna be sooooo nice :DDD Can't wait!!
  16. Tempting... must say... quite tempting indeed... will see.... will see...
  17. I'll either go with the 10x8's or... well I'm not sure, I like having the 10x8's of them signed... but I like other things, merchandise or whatnot, signed too... Hmmm...
  18. Meimi132

    Spare time

    oooOOoOoO quiz!! Quiz!! Supernatural pub quiz style XD
  19. OK, so now I am intrigued.. Me too Eh? Theres really a film? Or is this some evil ploy? XD
  20. Awwwww dangnabbit Misha T-T Making me tear up T-T TheRandomAct is awesome. I wish I had some money... After the con... when I'm back at uni, I'll have money...
  21. I will be hyper the week before. I kinda store up the hyper before cons it seems... never too excited/hyper/flail-y too far in advance XD I will be the week of the con. Will get veeeerrrry twitchy waiting XD
  22. I know!! Wonder if the original cast will be doing the voices. Yep they are doing the voices Freeking Awesome!!!!! I've heard Jensen & Jared are only doing the voices for the first few episodes, then others are taking over or something. Hoping this is false though... would be weird to have them for the start and not for the rest :\
  23. I know what I'll be wearing... I just wanna know if they'll be Party Rings!! And there should be jelly too really XD and cocktail weenies! XD
  24. I knooooooooooow I can't friggin' wait!!!
  25. Meimi132

    Ticket numbers

    Soooooooo excited now we got ticket numbers... Less than a month!!! You'll be fine, really. I met so many of the people I talk to day in day out online at con's by just going up and saying Hi. One of them became such a good fried she actually ended up being a bridesmaid at my wedding. If you're feeling wierd and see a goth girl (vorn) a red head (me) and a 10yr old girl (my kid Jas) wandering around that'll be my little party, come over and say hi, we'll be very happy to meet you :) Imora is right, cons are friendly friendly places :) And you have the same name as me, so its alllll good XD.
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