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  1. I'm in the same boat with the guests from the first event. Hopefully they will get them back eventually for signing events if not the weekend ones. I personally would love to meet all the Bitten 2 guests again as well :). But I'm sure whoever the get for Bitten 3 will be awesome.
  2. The only complaint I'd have is that almost everything ran to time ;P. I was slightly late getting down to the opening ceremony and missed it. I shall never again assume that all cons run late XD. In all seriousness it was a fantastic con. Couldn't have wished for more friendly, funny and down to earth guests. The crew did a fantastic job of keeping everything in order, answering questions etc and always being very polite about it. I have to agree with the folks above and say that the atmosphere really was fantastic. I had a really good time metting new folks and can't wait to have a blast with them again next year.
  3. I'd like to buy a photo shoot ticket and was wondering if I need to pay for the postage this close to the event? Is it possible to click the "option for ALL absentee packs" selection and receive the tickets in my registration pack? I didn't want to make any assumptions. Thank you
  4. Done of facebook & tumblr. I'll try and stick it up on my LJ later too
  5. Name: Kirsty Age: 31 Location: Hemel Hempstead Ticket: I would have loved gold or silver but there's no way I can justify that at the moment so just plain old Standard Pic: I got into the show like a month after the last Bitten so no awesome guest photos of me . Here's one of me looking dorky by myself instead... I forgot to say, I'm going by myself so if you see me please do say hi :)
  6. Any True Blood guests (yes I do plan on going to Bitten 2 but I'm greedy ). Especially Sam Trammell as I only got into the show after Bitten and so sadly missed my chance to meet him. Someone mentioned Big Bang Theory guests too - hell yeah!
  7. God I'd go for that. Sadly I doubt they'll do that as they don't seem to like repeating guests. I know some other con organisers cling on to the popular guests and bring them out time and time again, but I guess I can understand them wanting to give people the chance to meet more of the guests. But hey why not Sam and 3 other new guests . There's always the signing events at least. I've been obsessively checking their pages in the hope he'll be announced for one of them this year Well I know Beat is available region 2 and I got a New Zealand PAL version of Undermind which I believe plays on any PAL machine. Oh and there's AVP2 of course... though yeah not his best movie ever. I'm not sure any of the others are though sadly. I'm lucky in having a multiregional player, so region 1 isn't a problem for me. It is a pain if I want to show any of these movies to my friends though. My sister wants to see Undermind because she's a big Grey's Anatomy fan. Thank goodness that's the PAL one!
  8. I think it would have meant a quite substantial rise too. If one guest wants fees and costs which come to around $106k, that's pretty much £70k in UK terms. Which means if you got 700 people to the event, that's £100 per attendee just for that one guest. Add in all the other costs like general decorating and ticketing and crew costs and printing, not to mention five other guests, even if they were way way way cheaper, and it's looking like a very pricey event. Nice that they resisted the price, but probably good business sense too. Even if you could get 1,000 or 1,200 people to a con with this guest, you're still talking about him costing £55-£70 per attendee, which is a huge slice of the budget. Think somebody (or their manager/agent) just priced themselves out of those sort of events... (which also of course may have been what they were trying to do ) And even if you could get 1000 people willing to pay that amount (doubtful), there's no way the guests would be willing to sign that many autos lol. I think you're right that they'll end up pricing themselves out of these sort of events. Which is a shame because I do think they get something out of it too. Maybe if they stop getting asked so much they and/or their agents will wise up and be more reasonable.
  9. Just came across that the other day. Inspired!
  10. My respect for Massive Events just went through the roof. Yes I know there are people out there willing to pay huge amounts, but it's nice to know that ME doesn't want to exclude those of us who can't afford those costs. It seems to me like they'd have had to raise the prices of all the tickets to make the whole thing feasible and I for one have a huge amount of respect for them refusing to do that. They have said that they'll still be getting the big guests along to the signing events so those who can afford it will still have the chance. Kudos to has to go to the Being Human guests too. I really must start watching that show!
  11. I just saw Undermind today! I agree it's an amazing movie. Oh yes I forgot about his Law and Order: CI ep. He was great in that too. I've seen his Judging Amy eps too. Nothing spectacular but he is darn cute in them. As I said to elullatook, I finally got to see Undermind today and I adored it. I'm not sure which I like best of the 2 as Fear of Fiction really appeals to the weird indie kid in me . What did he say about the movies to you? I'd be really interested to hear his take on them. So so jealous of your friend, and you too :)! I had the misfortune to discover True Blood about a month after Bitten occured. I was gutted when I heard I'd missed my chance to meet Sam as he fast became my favourite on the show and I've loved what I've seen of him in other things too. I've yet to see Annoymous Rex or Autumn in New York. I'm trying to spread out my viewing (and the cost) a little so I've got plenty to keep me occupied over the hiatus. Having said that I kind of failed on that one by watching Beat and Undermind in a row
  12. I've seen a fair amount of Sam Trammell's previous and on-going work. Movie wise I would recommend "Fear of Fiction". It's an odd little indie movie that's incredibly charming, quirky and with some great humour in places. Gorgeous soundtrack too. Sam plays twins in it and he switches seamlessly between the 2 very different characters. I rather enjoyed "Beat", though it's a quieter movie than you would expect and Sam's not in it much. "Childhood's End" is hardly the most polished of movies but it has it's moments. AVP2 is... not great, but Sam was really kind of adorable in his small role. That's as far as I've gotten so far movie wise. TV wise... I really liked his appearance in the short lived legal drama "Justice". He's in the pilot. Great performance in Medium too. His appearance in Dexter is chilling. To be honest he's been great in everything I've seen so far so I'm just picking out my favourites. He's certainly shown a great range over the course of his career and I've never seen him play the same character twice in different roles. Oh and if you haven't seen them before you really must see his Funny or Die shorts: Funny or Die I haven't seen all that much of anyone else yet. Though I did randomly come across Marshall Allman in "The Practice". I was pretty impressed with his role in that.
  13. That's so incredibly sweet! What a wonderful guy. Yeah I was very tempted to go for one of the cheaper GEs but I didn't want to miss out on Joe and Jason's talks as I'm a bit too much of an Atlantis nut
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