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  1. Don't they use a raised stamp on photoshoot tickets?? Maybe they could have something like that on gift vouchers so they are officially marked.
  2. Thanks, I love it!!! Barry was fab, he's a lovely man and he was very complimentary about my costume which was sweet of him
  3. This has to be my favourite dedication of all time
  4. I'd second that, he'd be a lovely guest to meet and he's heard about this show and he's really keen to get involved so you should have no trouble booking him
  5. Nice one Dufresne, thats a great idea getting him to sign a banjo, I imagine that amused him lol Where did you meet him?
  6. My husband & I were lucky enough to get to meet Billy Connolly after his show in London on Tuesday night. What an absolute star, very friendly and funny. I had a lovely chat with him about my hometown in Fife as he used to play folk gigs there in the 60's. He was happy to sign auto's (he even brought his own sharpie, what a pro lol), posed for a photo & even kindly gave me a hug and a kiss He's definitely well worth meeting if you ever get the chance.
  7. I'm so diszappointed I wasn't able to meet Brian, I just couldn't afford to get to this show. I'm a massive fan of Charmed so obviously Brian & Shannon were the main folk I would have met. I'm really hoping they'll be able to come back some time in the future. I was just wondering though, what the talk was like? Also what was the gift like? Does anyone have a picture?
  8. Unfortunately today doesn't seem to be a good day for celebrity news http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8256260.stm
  9. SM....you are absolute legends!!!!! I'll be there in full magenta costume Please feel free to get as many RHPS guests as you can, the more the merrier!!!!
  10. I'll be at the front of the queue when David shows up at a UK event and I think there will a LOT of people will be clamouring to get to an event with him. I'm envisioning scenes even worse than we had with John barrowman at MK.
  11. Yeah I get you lol. Forgetting is an easy thing to do, I'm very good at it lol I'm so looking forward to this con. Charmed guests for the win!!!!
  12. Eddie is a guest suggestion I'm always happy to second. I'd absolutely love to meet him, I'd behave like. Total fangirl though lol
  13. Technically 3 Charmed guests, as Misha did guest in 1 episode which he was featured heavily in. Technically 4 then as Robert Englund was the demon in one episode, he played the collector, the one who shrunk women down and turned them into tiny statues
  14. OMG SM you guys are freaking amazing, I love you sooooooooo much!!!!! The more charmed guests the better as far as I'm concerend especially Rose, Alyssa, Holly & Julian!!! CM London is gonna be the best con ever!!!!!
  15. My husband & I don't have a specific schedule tbh. We are hoping to get to the event on Saturday at about 8am as we need to buy tickets on the day. We want to get auto's from Tom Baker, Chris Sarandon, Michael Ironside & Robert Rankin & we will attend the Robert Rankin panel & the cosplay masquerade. Apart from that it'll be general wanderings around the stalls & chatting to people
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