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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - Margot Kidder

    Is there a price yet? I keep looking around the threads and can't seem to spot one
  2. Latest Guest Announcement Christopher Lloyd

    Pretty awesome guest - I really am never going to have money again!

    Tom Savini has done alot of appearances at events over the recent years so I wouldn't be suprised if one of them had been a showmasters event. I've never seen Nicotero at anything personally so he may be the one to go with?
  4. Roll call

    As Patrick Stewart is only there on Sunday, I'd say not necessarily Well there goes my theory but I'm personally not interested in him so maybe I won't notice too much - it will never be as bad as last year anyhow!
  5. Original Indiana Jones Prop Display

    OMG!! that is amazing! This is shaping up to be the best LFACC ever!
  6. Roll call

    A sunday for me this time, I've always gone on Saturdays so hopefully I'll discover Sundays are less manic!
  7. what guests would you like for LFCC 2008?

    Well he was scheduled for the last LFCC last summer around the same time, so it may be a possibility I really hope so, hes the last heroes guest I'm desperate to meet And I second the Michael Biehn idea - although now I would never believe it until the day I actually saw him!
  8. what guests would you like for LFCC 2008?

    Grindhouse guests - literally anyone! Heroes guests - I guess Zach is busy making Star Trek and Masi may be a long shot!
  9. So would you like a CSI convention ?

    I would definetly come and could guarantee another 10 or so of my mates Everyone loves CSI!
  10. latest guest for LFCC is Gregory Nicotero

    OMG, I haven't checked this board as its so long off, but amazing guest, I've wanted to meet him as long as I can remember!

    Already met him but I am so excited at the chance to again!
  12. How long did it take you to get there?

    I make signs for a living, what town was it?? Could be like a gold mine for me. LOL I have no idea really its the 2nd junction off the M69 it may be Hickley? I may be making that up, the signs were dreadful we found one that said coventry and then it lead to nowhere - I think they need you!
  13. How long did it take you to get there?

    Should have took an hour but the AA gave me wrong directions and it took closer to 2! Still not ages but I was nearly sick with worry about not seeing Bruce when I was lost in the middle of the only town in England with no signs!
  14. What!!! Tell me everything, I have loved him since I was 5 years old! I know he'll never do a con, but I can always dream!
  15. Rose McGowan and anyone from Grindhouse and if I want to absolutely dream Kurt Russell Actually another not so impossible would be Ted Raimi