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  1. tlempers

    Are we spoiling you

    If I say I think we aren't spoiled are you bringing a fifth Hollywood Legend than? Serious: I think that this is an excellent line up! Can't wait till the 18th!
  2. tlempers

    Latest Guest Announcement: Ke Huy Quan

    Absolutely fantastic!
  3. tlempers

    Andy Serkis

    Yes, please!!!! You would make me so happy...
  4. tlempers

    Eerie, Indiana

    It would be great to see some people of this show!
  5. tlempers

    Guest Announcement Susannah York

    Superb guest!
  6. tlempers

    Reunions we hope to have at Autographica this year

    Can you please get R. Lee Ermey!!! He would fit excellent in the current line-up and I think he would make an excellent guest!
  7. tlempers

    Ray Harryhausen

    Would be cool :).
  8. I think I will go for an Jaws and Close Encounters 8x10 and maybe an 8x10 of What about Bob?
  9. tlempers

    Susan Backlinie

    Since Richard Dreyfuss is coming to Collectormania Midlands, why no also get Susan Backlinie. I think everyone who has seen Jaws knows who she is and she has done signing events before.
  10. I am really glad that he's coming to Midlands, because I could not make it to Collectormania .
  11. tlempers

    How to get to Coventry from London?

    Thanks for the answers! I am also planning to go to Autographica, so I will spend a week in London and then on Saturday I would like to go to Collectormania Midlands. It's about time for me to go to England again, last time I visited it was 21 October last year...
  12. It is perhaps a stupid question, but please forgive me; I'm Dutch. I want to know what is the easiest/ cheapest/fastest way to get from London to Coventry, can somebody help me?
  13. tlempers

    Announcements countdown!

    3 minutes .
  14. tlempers

    Can We Please Have Some Prices Dave

    You'd better not meet me at Autographica .