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    Guests Suggestions

    theyd have some intresting stories i want JOSS lol :) i second this motion!
  2. lilbuzz155

    Too Tall's T-shirt

  3. lilbuzz155

    Too Tall's T-shirt

    Does anyone know if ME are hiring? I noticed Too Tall wearing a t-shirt that said "Want to work for us? You must be mad!" with an internet link underneath. Wasn't close enough to read the link - gah!!
  4. lilbuzz155


    That just made me chuckle out loud!
  5. lilbuzz155

    Costume swatches

    ok, thanks!!
  6. lilbuzz155

    Costume swatches

    Just wanted to clarify something... We were told we'd get swatches of costume for booking tickets for next year's event during the weekend. The organisers made it sound as though it'd be something we'd get straight away, but I received nothing when I bought 2 gold tickets and a crew member told me he wasn't sure, but thought we'd get them in our packs next year. So did they just forget to give them out, or will they be in next year's packs?
  7. lilbuzz155

    Hallowhedon 2 feedback thread

    Had a fantastic weekend overall - even better than last year! The only negative for me was the way the auction was done. A full list of auction items and their position would have been useful. I missed out on a couple of good things at the beginning - I didn't dare bid just in case something better came up later on!
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    Gay d'eouvres!
  9. lilbuzz155

    hey hey it's nearly here :)

  10. lilbuzz155

    Left it to the last minute... again

    looking forward to meeting you all be gentle with me!
  11. lilbuzz155

    Latest Guest Announcement: Robin Sachs

    squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ethan rayne, ethan rayne, ethan rayne!!!!
  12. lilbuzz155


    thanks, will do!
  13. lilbuzz155


    i have one of giles' ties from an early episode of buffy. do you think he'll have a pen suitable for writing on fabric, or should i bring one??
  14. lilbuzz155

    Joss-abet Game!

    Kaylee you just beat me to it!!
  15. lilbuzz155

    Joss-abet Game!

  16. lilbuzz155

    Joss-abet Game!

  17. lilbuzz155

    hallowhedon 3

    will be buying a gold ticket for the next one at this year's!
  18. lilbuzz155

    Joss-abet Game!

    Fran Rubel KuZui hehehe!
  19. lilbuzz155

    Introduction Thread

    yay, another one from leeds!
  20. lilbuzz155

    Vampire foreheads!

    my advice is to practise lots beforehand! i generally try to get the latex to be the same colour as my skin and then use a bit of white powder over the whole lot for the paler, more dead look
  21. lilbuzz155

    Extra Hour in Bed?

    i remember that happened at last year's too and we got an extra hour of halloween party! yay!
  22. lilbuzz155

    Ticket Numbers!

    ok thanks
  23. lilbuzz155

    Registration letters are on their way

    must be a special magic postman
  24. lilbuzz155

    Ticket Numbers!

    my ticket number's already been added to the list, but my letter just arrived in the post and i had to tell everyone how flippin excited i am!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  25. lilbuzz155

    End time on Sunday?

    Yeah not that it was really worth it last year. Hardly anyone there and I think the staff just wanted rid of us but people are still going right? i've got images of me standing alone on the middle of the room in my pjs! hehe.