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  1. as to A list guest i think maybe everyone should hold off saying they are not going until we have more of the guests booked up we have been holding off till this matter is resolved so now it is we are going to close the guests we are in talks with so maybe what and see , as i have said we plan to make this sone of our flagship Mega film and Comic Cons Notice you mention A list guests but nothing about anyone out of pocket
  2. What. so do you think everyone who attends your shows are from London,and will these places accept my already booked hotel fee as payment. Get a grip Jason
  3. Showmasters is getting more And more unreliable towards dates for most of their events. Twice now I have booked train tickets and hotels for the winter one,all booked in advance to save money,so far a total of £822 lost to date,as for Brighton no way I can afford it now,so Thanks Jason. I'm sure there are other people in the same boat. A totally disgruntled Issac
  4. Oh well might as well get it cancelled if YOU can't be bothered.
  5. No thanks don't want Nits. 💀
  6. Buy early get hotel cheaper yeh ok. Do you know how many times I did this and how many times Jason changed the dates for many other Showmasters events.
  7. That's the thing though, you buy the things that go first - or that go up in price the longer you wait. These tickets don't usually do that. I'm not surprised some took them for granted.
  8. Not everyone is going, wants to go or can even afford to go to LFCC. I'm going to this one, I like going and I can afford to go, like a lot of other people too, I just feel so let down by Showmasters on this occasion. I love this event. The first time I went was the last time CM:MK was held in the shopping centre. I'm not very active on the form only recently because I was so looking forward to this one being that the winter one had been cancelled and at that event I was going to be treated to as many autos and photoshoots as I wanted plus a stay at the Doubletree for my up-coming 50th birthday from my wife. The only thing still happening for me, so far, is a stay at the Doubletree. Sorry for any negative posts. I was merely talking about myself, I understand this is a huge bummer for everyone else (it is for me as well, was so looking forward to this event at first). Me Me me
  9. In other words what you're saying is I'm alright jack.
  10. From the first post:Photoshoot Price: £10/£25 with Ryan Gage So yes, that would suggest 100% chance... And my Mrs said I need new glasses 😎
  11. From the first post:Photoshoot Price: £10/£25 with Ryan Gage So yes, that would suggest 100% chance...
  12. Was it painful,hope ye didn't get a black eye
  13. I don't need you to quote where, read the post right.Issac
  14. Lots of people complain about ecigs and smoking even trying to ban it in parks and public places,but how many of these moaners get in their cars for even the shortest distance and don't give a jot. Issac
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