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  1. I have finally finished my cosplay outfit, but I need some medieval wooden arrows, I have found a few but they cost more than I can afford, I was going to make them but I can't find the fleching feathers. Just wondering if any one knew of a site that my help me in any way. many thanks for your help in this matter Hayley
  2. Hi all I was just wondering what the dates are for next years Chevron, I forgot to write them down before I gave in my slip when I bought my ticket at this years show and I need to book holiday, as its first come system at work. Thanks
  3. I went Saturday and did 2 photo shoots and 9 signings, which is what I went to do
  4. Hi SM I had agreat time yesterday and got to meet every one I came to see including the very lovely and softly spoken Tom Burke😍❤️💕 (can we now have the other two Musketeers, thanks) but I'd like to give you a few thing to think about for next time. It took me half an hour to get from L3 to L1 to get a VT for Alex sidlding (sorry if I spelt that wrong) and then back to L3 for the guest that were coming back from lunch. why can't all the guest be on one level and the photo shoots on a different one, it would make it must better for people to go from one photo shoot to the next one. Apart from that I had a great day, my only other grip is as some one has said before some of you lovely pep's need to take a shower before you come and bring extra deodorant, you can pick it up for under a £1 now.
  5. Sound like a good idea to me too, then you would know that the VT number you was a true one and not after 500 golds
  6. I have to agree, letting all the gold go first then the VT is not fair. I was under the impression that a gold ticket just aloud you to join the back of any Q not that they all went first. I was quite lucky yesterday I got to see every one I came to see, but I did have to wait nearly all the day. We got in at about 9.10am and left just after 5pm
  7. I don't think doing VT on line is fair, not everyone can get to a computer
  8. Me from Wickford, my friend from Thurrock both in Essex
  9. As me and my friend always come in the car, we leave our pack lunch in the boot. It's nice to go and sit in the cool carpark for about 20 mins or so and eat lunch before heading back into the really hot hall. Like other have said we always carrie water and snacks with us, drinking lots of water pervents headaces and there is nothing worst than waitting months for the event to spend half the day with headace.
  10. I have been very lucky to have been in the same room as RDA & AT, they are very funny together and bounce off each other
  11. I'd love to meet people from the following shows The mussketeers, Merlin, Game of thrones, Smallville, NCIS, NCIS Las Angles, NCIS New Orleans,
  12. I was just wondering if any one out there knew the name of the stall that was selling swords and blades, it had one girl and two guys working on it and they all had yellow sweatshirts on. If any one could tell me their name or even better a web site I would be most greatful. Many thank Hayley
  13. Don't eat at the hotel, they is a really nice pub just down the road that does good food at a good price. Ash for Smithy at the check in desk and he'll tell you how to get there. It's only about a 10 minute walk.
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