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  1. RileyDoll

    latest Guest Announcement Leah Gibson

    She's so gorgeous! She has such a timeless look about her,can't wait to see her in the movie & at ET4 :) I'm still hoping we get Elizabeth Reaser as a guest though..haha
  2. RileyDoll

    Midlands Fans

    Hey guys :) I'm from Brum hehe. I'm so glad ET4's being held here again! :]
  3. RileyDoll

    What about the human guests?

    I'd LOVE to meet Anna Kendrick <3 But like a few of you have said because of Up In The Air and the awards buzz around it then she's more of a long shot. Never say never though :) I won't complain at any guest tbh they always turn out to be fantastic!
  4. RileyDoll

    Last letter band or singer game

  5. RileyDoll

    music for the parties at ET 4

    I agree with Malius. They played great music,it was just the same repetitive routine every night. I wouldn't mind some; The Kills,Muse,Black Rebel Motorcycle Club,Little Boots,Bon Iver,Biffy Clyro,The Veronicas,The Temper Trap,Lostprophets,Lil Wayne,The Pretty Reckless,3OH!3,The Runaways,Rihanna etc :) Nice eclectic mix that will suit everyone.
  6. RileyDoll

    The 2ltr bottle of Sprite drinking couple...

    They are total legends <3 I've made them promise to try and meet up at ET4 to get upto mischief haha
  7. RileyDoll

    The 2ltr bottle of Sprite drinking couple...

    That was Melanie and Michael :) And it wasn't Sprite in the bottle I know cause they gave me some haha. I befriended them on Saturday night lol,Mel saw me in the bathroom told me I looked like Jane and they took a picture with me outside hehe.I was 'their Jane'. Their on my Facebook if anyone wants to befriend them. http://www.facebook.com/Rileydoll (Melanie Feehan and Michael Hoey)
  8. RileyDoll

    Facebook/Twitter/MSN/Whatever :D

    Msn: burdensthatallowustofly@hotmail.com or x_FightForThisLove_x@hotmail.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Rileydoll Twitter: http://twitter.com/Rileydoll
  9. RileyDoll

    ET3 DVD a MUST!

    I asked a member of the crew about ET2 and ET3 dvds and was told something similar to this. Maybe if they wouldn't make 'enough' profit off them as single dvd's maybe they could combine the two? I certainly wouldn't complain to relive the two i've been to so far hehe.
  10. RileyDoll

    Post your pictures guys

    You guys all have really great pictures :) I always look so much younger and innocent in these photoshoots haha.
  11. RileyDoll

    Jamie Campbell Bower

    Thanks to ET3 i've like fallen for him haha. He's so funny! Such a sweet guy too. His voice makes me melt slightly. & I'm so psyched because from the autograph signing I have like a little inside joke with him! I got up to him and told him how I think his hair's awesome he thanked me and I was like "seriously Robert Pattinson's hair has nothing on yours" and he replied excitedly with "Yeah straight up! Thank you" Then wrote hair on my autograph haha. <3
  12. RileyDoll

    Thankyou Massive Events

    Looking forward to ET4 so much,a big thank you for making ET3 so enjoyable! :)
  13. RileyDoll

    ET3 DVD a MUST!

    I enquired about this on Sunday Afternoon as i'm still also hoping there'll be a dvd of ET2 lol. Hoping there's both so I can relive them all over again! *crosses fingers in hope*
  14. RileyDoll

    Last letter band or singer game

    Laura Marling
  15. RileyDoll

    charmed reunion

    I'm posting like crazy today but we NEED a Charmed Reunion Convention! I'd love to meet Rose McGowan,I think i'd get a little starstruck if i'm honest haha and the lovely Brian Krause would be great <3 I'd go for any of them though hehe :)