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    Photo shoots for A J Buckley

    yeah a price would be lovely..I need to decide whether I can go and the price of the photos and autos kind of depend on that
  2. would it be bad to go to this event for just AJ?? I seriously love this guy!!

    Feedback thread

    aww just read Sam's post. She is fab :)

    Chucks Chicks!


    Usual can we have the talks on dvd please thread.

    aww I loved that guest encounter, I just wamted to steal Rob! WINCEST!!! LOL. But yes, I would like to see the Chad/Sam talk too

    Chucks Chicks!

    see I knew more of yours, maybe the pressure just got to us and we couldn't think of our own answers haha. Yeah that's gonna be my excuse

    Post your pictures

    Those Chad photos are class!!

    Chucks Chicks!

    we should have! We got the harder questions and Al's lot where cheats!! Haha

    Feedback thread

    the tweets just made me love them more
  10. BYNSIS

    Roadhouse 2

    I'll see about this one closer to the time, I've been told to check out Being Human by a few people so it may be even more worth it now :)
  11. BYNSIS

    Next weekend con feat. Supernatural Annouced

    yeah and Rob was saying in the guest encounter that it was the best event he'd attended, the most fun he'd had and the most relaxed he'd felt. And Sam kept praising European fans whenever she could haha.
  12. BYNSIS

    Alastair's Angels

    I was a Chuck Chick but I totally loved Mark too, he was friggin too much fun! He chatted to me and my mates randomly when we where looking at the huge wall schedule. And he said to me in autos that he could feel my heart beating fast in the photo room hahaha, then he rubbed my arm and said 'don't worry' he was really friendly and totally shocked me with his awesomeness
  13. BYNSIS

    Feedback thread

    haha I know!! The bouncy castle was genius and the fact the guests went on it just made it even more worthwile. In Rob's sunday guest encounter he said it was his fave event he'd done cos of how laid back it was and the fact there was a bouncy castle lol. He said he doesn't usually go to the parties so that was fun :) Oh and me, well I just loved the whole damn thing and wanna go back! It was my first ME con, well done staff!!
  14. BYNSIS

    Chucks Chicks!

    Chuck's Chicks ftw!! We all know we was Robbed (pun intended) maaan I cracked that joke like 2 days ago I'm so lame. I adore Rob, he was my con highlight! my friend created a page today too lol http://www.facebook.com/fran.reddall?v=wal...09439049?ref=ts I'm in both I think