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  1. Why on earth did you queue all day for the talks?! I had a gold and only queued up about half an hour max before each talk. Still got a brilliant view and managed to go get all the captains autographs, photo shoots etc...
  2. As I've just searched for this myself, here is the page http://www.startreklondon.com/highlights/30-parties
  3. Your tickets will be available at the EXCEL London box office. Once you get to the venue, follow the signs for the 'Box Office' and staff there will help you get your tickets.
  4. From speaking to Martin, they will be bringing (a selection at least of) their museum of costumes, props etc. They will also have a stall in order to purchase stuff. Check out the filmwelt shop to see what they sell. I imagine that Martin himself will also be giving a talk on various costumes and props as he's a font of knowledge on all this stuff. I remember meeting him at LFCC and he was telling me all about the intricacies of the zip design etc on certain uniforms.
  5. No, these just the times you will get priority if you want to get their auto. That's what I thought. Just wanted to confirm Shame I have no way of knowing what group I'm in yet.
  6. But we don't get Captains autos included in the gold pass do we?
  7. Just a quick question that may have already been answered. As my gold pass hasn't turned up and I'm going to sort it out on Friday morning at the box office. Is there any way of knowing what my code is so I can find out when my captains autos are?
  8. Everything shown on the website is available over the weekend at the official merchandise stand. "Official Destination Star Trek London merchandise is ready to pre-order so make sure you get your hands on a peice of history. A limited selection is available online, but we have plenty more in store on our Merchandise stand at the event."​
  9. You can say that again, my wallet is already silently weeping in the corner.
  10. I don't know if anyone has seen this yet? http://startreklondon.tmstor.es/ But I've only just noticed it!
  11. I just ordered a uniform from filmwelt and they are bringing it to the show for me :)
  12. Anyone? Unless you hear differently do as Rhi explained to you when the situation came up. I have sent a huge "what to do if" list (includes lost/misdelivered tickets) and will post as soon as I have confirmation. Is it worth contacting See Tickets? Or just wait to see if they turn up? They must be fielding a lot of calls at the moment.
  13. That's a long time for tickets to not turn up. Even second class, ten days? I'm not complaining btw, just trying to sort everything out I've got an email from seetickets saying 'take this email to the box office along with [...]' but then they phoned me back saying there was no guarantee the promoter would admit me and that I needed to get the tickets back. So I don't know if that email is still valid. But then the tickets haven't turned up at my old flat anyway. I will take every email reference ID and card I own down with me, but it would be so much nicer/smoother to have the tickets. I don't know why seetickets couldn't just resend them to my new address anyway as they're non-transferable. Though I suppose if they haven't turned up they wouldn't have turned up anyway.
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