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  1. Will he be doing a double photo shoot with either Paul McGann or Sophie Aldred?
  2. Will Sophie be doing a double photo shoot with Sylvester McCoy on Saturday at all?
  3. If it's in the next 3 months, that's me not able to attend (Rupert Graves or not). Oh well Unless nice things start happening in my life and I end up with some money.
  4. Ta muchly. We'll just have to plan on getting there a little earlier than we had initially.
  5. I'm coming from Liverpool kind of, but am stopping over at my parents in Cumbria on the Friday so will be travelling to Newcastle from there.
  6. Missed the shop for buying another early bird ticket. I am travelling with a friend who until today wasn't sure if she could make it (hence missing the shop). I already have my EB ticket. I know it says all tickets available on the day, does this include Early Bird ones? If so, what time should we be looking at arriving? We're travelling over from Cumbria and will need to plan travel time and stuff.
  7. If Rupert Graves is there, so am I, no matter who else is or isn't.
  8. . Any idea of when? It would be nice to have the money refunded before CMMK so I could spend it on other autos. No sign of a refund back onto my credit card as yet.
  9. Amy Manson Matt Rippy Bryan Dick Indira Varma If we have a writerly guest I would love to meet Sarah Pinborough And if Gareth is there, would it be possible to have the rest of Blue Gillespie too and have a gig again? They've got a new album coming out soon...
  10. Southernyacht, I'm glad it got sorted! Heather isn't on here, but she's a friend of mine and part of the problem will probably have been due to the fact that the booking was originally made in someone else's name but was transferred to her due to that person no longer being able to attend. Now I'm hoping they haven't cancelled her by mistake - best go tell her to check!
  11. Now John in a kilt would be a marvellous photo op!
  12. I'd love to see James Marsters at a Hub, but I doubt it will ever happen now.
  13. And the pieces would then get trampled underfoot... Another vote for Daniele from me...
  14. Autograph - I always look dreadful on photos
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