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  1. to be honest i've never heard of her but as shes a model i'll take a look and pretend i'm not really interested like most of the men that pass by
  2. bigcat


    hasn't she signed at conventions in the US.I'm sure i've seen it mentioned by someone on here
  3. bigcat


    sci-fi covers a vast area. just hoping its film related because any guest from a movie would appeal to more people (i guess ) than TV, certainly me. If i had to choose it would be Sigourney Weaver.
  4. bigcat

    Latest Guest Announcement Kyla Cole

    certainly the 5 mins wasn't in Birmingham, he drove right past us , waved in the car park and we never saw him again all evening. Mind you he's been chased around for 40 years so proberbly abit fed up of the autograph scene.
  5. saw her recently and was amazed how busy she was, more than the TV and film people, not my kind of guest to be honest, but seems like loads of people (men of a certain age) like her.
  6. bigcat

    Guest suggestions

    Too late for this show but stars from MASH in future please.
  7. bigcat

    What Yer Buying From The Dealers?

    I'm buying nothing just getting autographs off the guests.Ask the dealers where they actually got stuff signed.Watch them stutter and try to think of something.The genuine ones know straight away.I do all the premieres,signings etc in london and other places and apart from a couple of them i never see them around.In that case they buy stuff from other people so unless they've seen it signed in front of them how can they be sure its genuine.Certificates of authenticity are totally worthless, if someone is prepared to sell you a fake (knowingly or unknowingly)then a COA isn't worth the price of the paper. Go on, ask them where they got it and where, watch the colour drain from their faces or the excuses.I have thousends of autographs and can remember every single meeting as any fan would.
  8. all of them , go for it!
  9. bigcat

    Latest Guest Announcement - LAURA VANDERVOORT

    haha, yes, if you want to freak her out!!!
  10. bigcat

    Latest Guest Announcement - MICKEY THOMAS

    Good lad. Great sense of humour Edit-sorry bigcat but while sm Me are away at chev, it is not a Good idea to leave such comments
  11. bigcat

    Guest Change - Sophie Aldred

    I can't believe anyone could label an event in Central London "hard to get to" - compared to Milton Keynes!!! Probably one of the biggest and best public transportation systems in the world - buses, coaches, trains, planes.......... Since when has London had one of the best transport systems in the world,even londoners are fed up with it,last weekend 6 of the main underground lines weren't running due to failure or repair work.Happens every weekend. Everyone if forced to use overcrowded grubby buses or taxi which don't move much more than a snails pace because the streets are too small .£25.00 fare from Euston to Earls Court!It will get worse as we get closer to the Olympics. Motorway roadworks and lane closures on a weekend mean a coach from Birmingham can take nearly 4 hours now. Thats why people who don't live in London (the majority of the population i might add)hate having to reschedule to go there, its a crap hole of a city with overpriced hotels and overpriced pubs.
  12. bigcat

    Kirk Douglas

    Always worth enquiring... Ernie Borgnine is still doing appearances and he is almost the same age! Love Ernest Borgnine when he was over, a legend and a friendly funny one too.makes all the traveling,expense worth it when you have an experiance like that.
  13. bigcat

    latest Guest Announcement - Colonel Buzz Aldrin

    Neil stopped signing some years ago. Apparently he'd become completely fed up after nearly 25 years of non stop signing - and who wouldn't be! Then with the advent of the internet, ebay, etc etc, greed came into the equation, with folk getting his signature just to sell it on at a profit. There's stories of people lying in wait for him at dinners and functions, following him around golf courses getting multiple items signed, and using their kids to go and get signatures, pretending they were for the kids, when in fact it was for the relatives to sell on. So he just stopped signing. Even just recently, some airport customs worker stole his signed customs declaration to try and auction off. Buzz is in the same bracket as Neil but keeps a much higher public profile, using his fame to keep space in the public eye. He does lots of interviews, signings, lectures and seminars, and travels round the world, which is why he creates a lot of interest. Don't forget, he was part of the first crew on the moon - although most say he was second man to walk on the moon, I'd personally say he and Neil landed together at the same time and once that landing gear touched down, they were both 'first' equally. Good answer, thanks for explanation.Liked your last bit about them both landing equally, never thought of it like that.Nice one.
  14. bigcat


    anyone from MASH, Taxi, Happy days, The Sopranos.
  15. bigcat

    TV guests over the 3 days

    depends what you mean by 'not too big'. Seventies TV shows might throw up a few names that won't break the budget like Taxi, MASH,Happy days.You've got to have a least of couple of recognisable names to get people to travel.