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  1. Ah yes true point about Doctor Who. What about a Being Human/Sherlock/Teen Wolf con then?
  2. Either that or a con called 'Rise after the Fall' for Sherlock
  3. What about a Being Human UK/Sherlock/Doctor Who con .
  4. What about a Being Human UK/Sherlock/Doctor Who con .
  6. Russell Tovey Aidan Turner Sinead Keenan Dean Lennox Kelly Paul Rhys Alex Price Toby Whithouse Colin Teague Paul Kasey (Because I have a terrible feeling about Roadhouse 2) Sylvester McCoy Paul McGann Bryan Lee O' Malley Ian Rankin (For Constantine) Robin Dunne Christopher Heyerdahl Ryan Robbins (you could have a Reise cast thing as well, just sayin) Agam Darshi Amanda Tapping Damian Kindler Martin Wood-(Cause damnit, I'm going to get that Sanctuary/Being Human presence somehow)
  7. Yes, yes, yes. Please, please please I asked the same for a Sancturary/Being Human one, no luck
  8. What about putting on an event for 3 shows, namely Sanctuary, Being Human(seeing as 'Housebroken' flopped on its side and died) and Primeval It would be Made of Win and Sanctuary IS starting to gain more fans, and Primeval is revived and kicking And Being Human has more fans than ever Why not But this time, please be reasonable with the price if you do, it was a major turnoff for a lot of people who wanted to go to the 'Housebroken' con
  9. I agree with you there, if it had been later, more people would have gone. Most cons are in the summer. Would prefer that, and it to be a one day event also
  10. Have noticed a surge in popularity with the show in the last while, maybe a con might work now. Date it for August if you do, the earlier the better. Try a 1 day event first and see how you do
  11. KC I've said the exact same thing down the way in the forum thread and Blue Whale as you know. I hope they don't cancel as I did the same myself as you Hi BTW *hugs*
  12. I think that Showmasters should have a Winter sale on tickets for the con. I know people who are interested but are skint for money at the moment Maybe by doing that, they would encourage ticket sales This is hypothetical remember Plus, if they advertise on the BH blog maybe Plus plus, if they wait, the show is on in a month for series two, they might see an upsurge in tickets. I'm still waiting for mine though, I got my e-mail re:tickets but the physical tickets haven't come yet
  13. Good for you, I also have a Silver ticket, can't wait. Even though my ticket still hasn't arrived
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