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  1. Hey Guys , Just a quick question to see if anyone knows when the Photo CD is most likely to be sent ? Gav
  2. Hey Guys , Just a quick question to see if anyone knows when the Photo CD is most likely to be sent ? Gav
  3. Hey Guys , Just a quick question to see if anyone knows when the Photo CD is most likely to be sent ? Gav
  4. Tom baker is a god hes so nice to talk to i thought he was great in sinbad i only got 4 still last time i see him that was just wrong next time i got 3 posters and 4 stills for him to sign i want more though any good dr who pics out there? please let me know. thanks I think the main prb is that theres no relaly good Doctor Who Pics , Would be nice if someone could put a few together , Rather than the usual ones we find . I had him do a Monarch of The Glen Pic @ LFACC and he seemed really pleased that I gave it to him , Gave me a lovely Monarch Story ... Gav
  5. Well I remember the event he was @. And it was because of the Traveling while he was living in France . Now hes not , So we mus all make the most of TB ) Gav Edited by QS: Please don't mention the name of other events. Thank you.
  6. We've posted it on the forum first, but we will e-mail out to all the gold pass holders from LFCC, so everyone knows the option. Those who do not wish to wait any longer may go with the free photo shoot, as between the strike and the time it then takes for the postal service to catch up on the backlog, there would be an additional delay to people getting the goody bag. We'd like to avoid keeping people waiting any longer. Those who prefer to have the goody bag can still have one. Heres a Good Idea for you Showmasters . How about send out the Goody Bags anyway and as a Goodwill Gesture give peeps the Free Photo Shoot as well . At the end of the day we have been treated a little poorly . So still get the bags that we all should have had anyway ..... Dont know what anyone else thinks about that ? Gav
  7. Same Here , This is just getting plain weird now . Gav
  8. Yeah, good call. Seeing as there is basically no post until next Wednesday, thats nearly 6 weeks waiting (5weeks and 3days to be exact) and only one of those weeks can be blamed on the postal strike. So that leaves 4 weeks and 3 days without the elusive goody bag and from what I have read so far its not SM's fault but the postal service. The big question is out of those that have been sent, did anyone here receive one? So far I dont know anyone that has. Oh right, sorry, problem with the post again! Well Said . I doubt they will ever arrive and if they do they will most prbs be pants anyway . Gav
  9. Hey , Gold Pass Goody Bags Gold Pass Goody Bags Gold Pass Goody Bags Gold Pass Goody Bags Gold Pass Goody Bags Not CWU & Post Office Bashing ..... Gav
  10. Nice Weasley twins reference LOL Me & My Spelling Strike Again Gav
  11. Well gingers crossed now , hopefully we should start receiving this week :) Gav
  12. Well I havent had mine yet gav
  13. Your money has now been refunded. As to coming on the forum to explain earlier, yes, in an ideal world we would, but unfortunately we sometimes simply don't have time, especially when, as with last week, we are down a staff member in the office. Thank you for posting, but surely it only takes seconds to come on here and post an apology and simply say it will be dealt with when Andrea is back? That would have saved a lot of us getting angry and upset about being seemingly ignored. 3 weeks is a loong time with no response from yourselves. Yes it is , But weve got one now ... Gav
  14. GavParf

    C12 Gold

    Hi DavidB , I didnt realise I had made a Snide Comment . If you want me to I will edit the post or remove . I was only saying be careful . As theres nothing worse than paying for something and not getting what you paid for thats all . Gav
  15. Well said , At the end of the day they said themselves that if you hadnt heard anything after a week to contact them . Why say that if they have no intention of replying to anyones emails . Why have an email address at all? They are a business , We are Customers , At the moment Very Unhappy Customers..... Showmasters have to stop thinking about Money , Money , Money and start thinking about their Customers & Customer Services.... Gav
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