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  1. SerbianJanet

    Karen Gillan

    I would just like to add my fab experience with Karen to the growing list!! My friend and I saw her around 10am (VT 11 and 37) and I wanted to tell her about my uncle who is a steadicam operator and worked on a couple of her eps of Doctor Who. She listened to my whole story and when I described him to her (he looks quite distinctive!) she had a genuine recognition-face - not just an "Oh, right, yeah" type look that most people would give just to make you feel better about telling the story, but you could tell she genuinely remembered him, even if only vaguely! So we had a nice little chat about him and she told me "I'm a big fan of the steadicam!". Then my friend told her we'd see her in San Diego in a couple of weeks and she got all giddy and excited again. Awesome, awesome guest. Such a chatterbox and still getting through so many sigs is a true feat and I love her all the more for it!
  2. SerbianJanet

    latest guest announcement - KAREN GILLAN

    What are people's numbers for the talk? I know they said seating would be assigned by the order they were sold so just wondered how that'll work :)
  3. SerbianJanet

    Your Dream Guest

    Neil Patrick Harris.
  4. SerbianJanet

    No Whedonverse guests?

    She doesn't like crowds of people. She's been invited to events Alexis has done, she's been in the country with him but refused to attend the actual event. Plus, she has a new baby now.
  5. SerbianJanet

    No Whedonverse guests?

    Yep, me too. It's a shame but it's the truth!
  6. SerbianJanet

    No Whedonverse guests?

    Apparently you should never say never. I've learnt that from this thread. Even when the other person is already somewhere else on that date. Never say never.
  7. SerbianJanet

    No Whedonverse guests?

    Alyson is afraid of crowds and she's just had a baby so it's unlikely she would even without that phobia. Gina won't do cons outside of the US now she has a baby. SMG is SMG and has also just had a baby. Marc Blucas doesn't do cons. Seth Green won't charge for his autograph so only does signings in places where he doesn't have to charge. Michelle and David ... you just keep on dreaming. They won't be back.
  8. SerbianJanet

    No Whedonverse guests?

    They're only asking, but it's still never going to happen. Ever.
  9. SerbianJanet

    No Whedonverse guests?

    BRB when I've finished laughing!!!!
  10. SerbianJanet

    Latest Guest Announcement Gareth David-Lloyd

    Eve signed my CoE at LFCC and John signed it in America the following weekend, so with Kai and Gareth I can stop thinking about it any more! Thanks SM
  11. SerbianJanet

    Latest Guest Announcement Neil Roberts

    My first thought too!!
  12. SerbianJanet

    can you settle a argument about roomies

    We didn't encourage more than the legal amount of people in the room, though. I also used to work in a Travelodge and there was a maximum in the "family" rooms of 3 adults/1 child 2 adults/2 children but never 4 adults, and as a night receptionist I was (officially) required to report anybody I thought had more people in the room than was allowed. Usually we let it slide as long as they were behaving but once I had to kick a band out as they had five adults in their room and they were making a noise. If there had been a fire we'd have been in serious trouble for having more people in the room than the fire and safety regs allowed. That aside, like everybody else has said... it's only if they notice, really.
  13. SerbianJanet

    What about having Joss to this con

    It doesn't count. It was a con which networks send their casts and producers to in order to promote shows. It's not the same thing at all as an event like this. Plus, it was in San Diego, which is in California, which is where they all live and work. It doesn't involve time out from shooting like coming to England does.
  14. SerbianJanet

    Amazing Guest Announcement coming soon!

    Keith's done about five cons for another organiser over here, so it's not him.
  15. SerbianJanet

    Amazing Guest Announcement coming soon!

    No but she'll either just have had a baby or not be allowed to fly in November.