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  1. to meet sam neill is a dream come true. since the age of 5 this film has been my life. i got him to sign the toy car i have had since 1993. the map from the film and a photohe signed the map in several places. writing his name, marking his car on the map and also writing on the gates "dont go in"
  2. https://imageshack.com/i/pl5aCaSsj this moment will never leave me. sam neill!!! had that car since i was 5
  3. hello, i am trying to get a refund for my two tickets i purchased for buzz but cannot find any infomation. even the letter i was sent offering a different shoot says nothing about refunds. help please, the money back would really help
  4. [ Hi There Not sure about the emails can you call me as i have not been getting them. I always reply no matter how busy. There is a great photoshoot coming up trust me. Still working on guests. Dave hi dave, how do we go about getting a refund for the buzz aldrin photoshoot? was only going to the event to take my dad to meet him so have no interest in any other offers, thank you barry
  5. hiya, ive just brought 2 buzz photos, can i buy the enterance ticket on the day as dont know which day to attend? which day will the photo shoot be on? and how do u identify that you have a ticket? thank u
  6. hello everyone, im hoping ive finally figured how to load an image on here. My name is Barry, im 23 from Broadstairs, Kent. Ive been a massive convention fan since my first london comic con back in 2007. The thrill of meeting people with similar interests and meeting famous people has been a great pleasure. Below are hopefully a few pics of me meeting some famous guests. Ive got many autos from conventions including patrick steward, christopher lloyd and mike tyson. Ive also begun to go to premieres and plays to meet some great people. Ive managed to meet jeff goldblum, matthew fox, keira knightley, sly stallone, jason statham, johnny depp, geoffery rush and miss cruz to name afew. Ive managed to get alot on friends at home interested and am hoping to bring 15 or so people with me to the july london convention. Its going to be my stag do weekend so il b wearing a buzz tshirt with my face on hopefully, so feel free to come up to me and give us a hug and say hi! me meeting avril lavigne in my larger days me trying to look pretty lol iron mike tyson!!! jeff goldblum the legend that is i love lost and anyone whos been in it anakin skywalker for the win! high five to everyone!!!
  7. matthew fox, the doctor from lost as well as several films is doing a play in london with previews from the 3rd march, he is going to be in london, shorely that would be a great guest. plus for him they could use it as a way to promote his play. he could just do a day, im sure the interest would be high and showmasters wouldnt need to get him here nor find him somewhere to stay. please showmasters try and get matthew! what do people think?
  8. anyone from lost please, charlie , hurley, boone as well as others were fantastic but 2007 was last year anyone came from lost, please, im bringing 20 friends on my stag do to this and it would make a great present!
  9. matthew fox, the doctor from lost, the legend is doing a play in london with previews from the 3rd march, he is going to be in london, shorely that would be a great guest. plus for him they could use it as a way to promote his play
  10. any lost guests would be great, i remember meeting dominic monaghan and he was great but i was gutted to miss hurley the year b4
  11. hey guys, jeff goldblum is currently playing at the vaudeville theatre and will be playing on saturday.does anyone know if he meets fans before or after a show? it would be great to meet him whilst in london. to meet shatner, tyson and goldblum would be a great weekend!
  12. hey guys, with the news that collectormania is coming to london in november i was wondering how many will be going. ive gone to the london film and comic con for the last 3 years but have always had to turn down other events due to time constrants on going to other venues. i cant wait for another chance for a great time and to meet some great people.
  13. for some strange reason the guy in the que in front of me asked him "if he was a dog humping a mans leg what would his face be?" haha. to be fare to michael ironside he was taken aback at first but then started laying into him in a humorus manour about how stupid he was to ask such a question, but he still did pose for the photo, wata legend lol. here's my pic with him too, he was still talking about that bloke b4 me lol
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