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  1. Where is it for this year then? That would be helpful as scrolling through led to here! Many thanks
  2. Hi guys, This is a silly question, so I apologise in advance. This is the first Friday preview I will be attending and I am confused with the free autographs. It says "we will have up to 6 guests signing that will only be there that night" are these guests going to be guests that are not currently listed and will be posted separately and if so any idea when we will be advised or are they going to be the guests that are currently going to be there all three days? I am trying to finalise by budget/guests for the weekend and don’t want to presume and get it wrong
  3. Friday night is gonna be hard as limited funds. Saturday & sunday not to bad for me. Have an idea for sunday already lol
  4. Eve Myles is a totally wonderful human being...i love her loads and will never bore of meeting her...cant wait to meet her again
  5. I thought the access in and out was a joke and in the event of an emergency could have been very dangerous...even the earls court staff were confused and not happy about it, but all but one of their staff that i came across where very helpfull...not impressed at all though...Surely having doors to stairwell padlocked/chained shut breached health & safety..especially with the number of attendies there. Aside from this the weekend and the SM crew wereas awesome as ever.
  6. If Bill Pullman was to attend...omg yesss plssssss lol
  7. Would love to see Eve at Hub7. Met her a couple of times and she is so lovely. To see her do a talk with John and Kai would be awesome to say the least
  8. The bearded lady is unable to attend, but the bear & I will be lol
  9. Would be awesome if you got Burn.....PRETTY PLEASE....never had the pleasure of meeting him and would sooo love too
  10. Just got my ticket and got hotel sorted....cant wait...early birthday treat as my birthday is the 31st May
  11. Yes that guy was me.. I have never laughed so much in all my life.... still laughing now. Really made my weekend. Gareths face was brilliant when the lift doors opened. everytime i think of it i start laughing...I can see the guys at work thinking i've lost the plot when i go back & start laughing to myself when i think of it...what a great memory, it will stay with me forever, made my weekend too. My mate lasted 6 hours in that suit....i coudn't do it, bless her Great to bump into you again & hope to see you at another con soon xx PS nice to have a name for you even if only your user name...you are no longer the guy in the lift lol I'm Sarah Hyam and some pics are up of facebook but i have them for friends only but your more than welcome to friend me
  12. Just like to say I totally loved it the whole weekend. The guests were amazing and very friendly, was a joy to meet them all. Kai was on top form yet again, my friend who I took is now taken with him expecially as he loved her name, which really is Santa... Loved the Blue Gillespie gig. I am a fan so was really happy to get to see them play again, but it is hard to head bang in a corset...must practice lol...Was also great to get to talk to them too and Justine was a gem. First time I really dressed up for the party (sat) and I would just like to say thanks you to everyone who gave me lovely comments....really means a lot...and to the guy who was in the lift with me, the bear & bearded lady...that moment will stay with me forever...classic giggles and Gareth's face when the lift doors opened and saw us....well I so wish i had a camera to catch his reaction....LOL The screening was hilarious...Caroline's reaction had me in stiches, bless her....& yes she looked stunning as the Cyber Bitch as Gareth called her lol I'm over the moon with all my photoshoot picture, thanks for a great job there guys...you never let me down As for the crew...love you guys...you are always so helpfull and funny, it's great to see you again..you really do help make things run smoothly. I hope to go the the next one in May and hope to get my ticked soon
  13. woooo hooo am a big fan.....am soo looking forward to the weekend...My mate's a first timer and is also very excited about the weekend....bring it on.....lol
  14. was looking forward to meeting her, but ho hum these things happen.....hope you get her for the next hub!!!!!
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