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  1. I found Dave Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch, Warwick Davies and most of the regulars a real pleasure to talk to, the worst has to be Kenny Baker who seems to have little time and just wants to sign and get rid of you. The rarer signers that get invited to Empire Days were great, no-one was really rude at all and some were happy to chat even during their sandwich and coffee breaks, posing for photos with children even though we wernt paying them. Maybe its because they dont sign regulary that they are happy for the rare chat to someone taking an interest in the parts they played in the movies
  2. Steve John Shepherd has been in a few Britpack movies so hes definately British. The AOTC commentary says it was a bluescreen scene but doesnt make it clear if the 2 actors were even on set at the same time in either AU or UK. I think Mike Savva is British too as I overheard him chatting to other fans and I watched the Q+A, I dont remember hearing anything other than UK accents from all the guests.
  3. What you mean "ONLY" ??? There was a time when 7 guests was consittered alot for a one day event. Beside it is not as easy to keep finding first time signers and you got a world premiere in Catherine Munroe.... come one guys be happy N. Yes Hr Nielsen, there ONLY 6 guests now!! compared to previous events. Any chance of late commers?
  4. Apart from certain whiners, this was the most rediculous post here. And what idea is that? What criteria? So you know for sure? A friend is one of many production crew, runners, studio dressers, 3rd-4th ADs that dont get credits. Drivers and caterers do however. What cons have you been to where its custom to expect rudeness?
  5. Are the dealers going to be selling his action figure I wonder
  6. Absolutely, thats a good list but I already have Dominic West. Tom Sanderson would be a first, have we had a Naboo droid signing before?
  7. I thought the last empire day 17 was particulary good in terms of fun, I missed ED 16 though but it seemed the guests were enjoying this day and were much more open to chat than what im used to, this may be due to the extra time allowed between signings and that the prequel guests in particular seemed to know each other and had a banter in the Q&A, great day!!
  8. C'mon guys all that camera equipment and no photos....??!
  9. My gang got Phillip Harvey Mike Savva Barry Summerford Frankie Anderson David Sexton Peter House Kamay Lau Adam Smith Martin Bou Mansour Tony Guilding Laurie Goode
  10. As for handmaidens there is one on the convention-guests site (Chantelle Barbieri), would be good to get some multisigned handmaiden stuff signed with Friday Wilson (for the boyfriend!!) I would like to see Andy Lawler add to my multisigned Naboo Guard figure too, and maybe Kes Green, Zac Kohen and Dominic West. Stand-ins like someone mentioned above would be welcome too.
  11. Yes Id like to see Lucas and Zac Kohen, also a new guy over at Con Guests .com called Sergio Marini, another with an action figure made from his likeness. Sorry but I have to ask Showmasters, will the photos be any better this time ?
  12. That was the only real problem, I could see others were not happy either. Anyone else got photos to share? particulary the prequel guys!
  13. Yes a bit disappointed with the lack of dealers, would have been nice to stick around a bit more looking for rare items. A few of the photos were not centred unfortunatly so looked a little poor in quality. Probably put a few people off but I still got the ones I wanted regardless. I took a few photos of my own but found my camera hadnt recorded any of it when I got home
  14. Loved both the prequel and sequel talks, I liked how obviously the prequel talk had younger speakers so they seemed a little more like fanboys whereas the sequel speakers were more generalised in the filmaking processes. Both were great. Loved mike savva's reaction to the question of wether any of them had 'obtained' anything from the set as a keepsake!
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