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  1. In here waiting on a normal shoot time confirmation. Have my list all ready, hoping not much else ends up changing due to it.
  2. OH. I was being a dumb and looking on the forum. It looks pretty much the same as usual, it was pretty much this at LFCC too, and if the VQ was none existent or low anyways they would just shove me into the queue. Thank you :)
  3. Can you direct me to where I can find this please? I’ve tried searching the topics here, general, the faq, and it’s just not showing up for me :/ And yes, it’s very annoying that people keep scamming the damn help. It makes my life so much easier and less stressful when I’m there. I only use the bypass if I need it but having it makes me feel so much better.
  4. Cheers guys, I have early entry for Saturday only anyways, and have had the band every other showmasters con I’ve been to since diagnosis. I take photos of my diagnosis sheets with me as it’s the only thing I have :)
  5. Hey guys, I sent in the extra help form a little while back now for both this convention and London, and as of yet haven’t heard back for either of them. What should I do? Cheers.
  6. Slowly convincing Mam that having them up in the dining room with Perspex covers is a fantastic idea....
  7. My walls are big enough to hang these two (only 8 foot) the ten foot signed Khan poster and the 8-10 foot long Avengers banner signed by Stan Lee however.... I like big posters! -shrug-
  8. It was screamed on every social site when it went up. Twitter, both Facebook pages, the forum and the main web page. Not difficult to find it at all :/ David was even tweeting it out predioticly to make sure people saw it. Only thing I did was check back whenever a cancellation accorded for the updates.
  9. So from the station, walk all the way to the main entrance... then what, just bypass the queue and walk in? Will it be an obvious queue system? And as I'm Weekend pass holder too, will the extra help desk have those to give me, and for the weekend will I still just bypass the queue to get in? Sorry for the questions, I'm autistic so I like to be scheduled and sorted as much as possible before getting there as to not stress majorly.
  10. Wait, I'm confused. I don't have a diamond pass but I do have a access/extra help... so do I have to walk all the way around the place to get in?
  11. Awesome stuff, curious on where in the schedule he will go though... for booking purposes.
  12. Photoshoots seem nice and close, good good!
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