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  1. Gray Fox

    Brent Spiner and Quoting?

    When I met him a few years ago he asked if I'd like mine dedicated and I said only if he'd write something sincere. After a pleasant smile he did and added "have a great future" which I thought was nice. Yep, thats my input on the topic.
  2. Gray Fox

    What dedications did you get?

    Andrew Tiernan wrote 'may you live forever' on mine and added his character name which I thought was pretty cool.
  3. Gray Fox

    Andrew Tiernan

    He was absolutley wicked, my friend and I were chatting to him for ages about everything from his work in films to were he is from, as were both from the same area of birmingham. He also told us a rather amusing story about a film he was starring in that was being shot in winson green prison.
  4. Gray Fox

    The nicest CM12 guest?

    Andrew Tiernan, no doubt. My friend and I spent at least 15 minutes chatting with him about all sorts. Really, great guy.
  5. Gray Fox

    Favourite Guest?

    Brandon Routh, as he was the only guest I met.
  6. Gray Fox


    I thought parking was fine, if you got there early enough. Cost me like a quid for four hours. We got lost trying to find my car again though as Milton keynes all looks the same.
  7. Gray Fox

    Who DIDN'T get to meet Brandon Routh?

    I got there at like, 8:55am, got a vt and met at around 10:30. He added quotes, dedications and was friendly/polite despite being very busy, great guy.
  8. I asked him to put "Im always around" which he was more than happy to do. Great guy.
  9. Gray Fox

    George Sewell RIP

  10. Gray Fox

    Red Dwarf

    Met the cast before, great bunch of people. Good chance they will turn up to some sort of con sooner or later
  11. I'd like to meet him as I have not met him before, I hope I get there early enough as I live so far away and will have to drive there. I need to complete my TNG cast photo thing. I should be alright as Im pretty good a planning stuff, most of the time...
  12. Gray Fox

    guests from the unit

    Don't particulary like the unit but I'd like Robert Patrick to come to a convention
  13. Gray Fox

    Th Crow

    Michael Wincott, he's someone I have always wanted to meet. Also, David Patrick Kelly, Tony Todd etc
  14. Gray Fox

    Bernard hill or other titanic actors

    Regarding Titanic extras, Jenette Goldstein would be a pretty cool guest. I'm pretty sure she's the lower class Irish mother telling her kids a story to comfort them towards the end.
  15. Gray Fox

    Mr. T

    It would be most excellent if he did attend, but lets be realistic, its asking a bit much isn't it