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    Guest Announcement - David Blue

    haha i thought it was going to be robert carlise oh well . Maybe next time?
  2. Lostmaniac

    New Guest Announcement - Monday at 5pm

    lol its says that there posting now?
  3. Lostmaniac

    New Guest Announcement - Monday at 5pm

    Its 5???
  4. Lostmaniac

    Countdown to guest announcement

    about 30 mins or a bit more till the annoucement
  5. Lostmaniac

    New Guest Announcement - Monday at 5pm

    Theory: like many others have said it will probably be robert carlyle. Personally i donk think M.E will splash out on a guest that is in sgu but has never been seen in sg yet. Robert lives in glasgow making him cheaper/easier to get and many fans have seen him in previous things. Beu bridges and RDA have both done cons before i belive. And if they were to get hold of RDA they would of had to a least sold out on every ticket. thanks
  6. Lostmaniac

    New Guest Announcement - Monday at 5pm

  7. Lostmaniac

    Doctor who PLEASE

    hmm were not strictly loud to say this but if you search the cons you are intrested in im sure youll find something on google. (if you search them for england).
  8. Lostmaniac

    Doctor who PLEASE

    hi have you heard of . And also chevron 7.3 is a sgarate con. liam
  9. Lostmaniac

    A Dark Power is Rising

    Dark power rising??? Batman? lol I hope but i know itt wont be a lost convention. If It is i will die!
  10. Do you guys know they do yearly conventions already in birmingham for supernatural. Massive events dont do them atm. Sorry if i have been rude but im just saying the truth. liam. Edited - We're trying to keep this about ME and SPN conventions, so please don't post details about elsewhere. Thank you.
  11. Lostmaniac

    Alan Dale

    Could he be a possible or maybe for hub 4?
  12. Lostmaniac


    oh yeah didn't think about that. thanks you have answered my question
  13. Lostmaniac


    I have this question which i keep thinking about can anybody help? Where do the guests stay? thanks all hope too see you there
  14. Lostmaniac

    Any chance of ...

    yeah he would be awesome !
  15. Lostmaniac

    Any chance of ...

    Robert carlisle ?