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  1. Just a quick question: With the free talks, do we have to collect free talk tickets from somewhere or do we just queue up before the talk starts and the first however many people get in?
  2. This one coming up in November looks like it's just LFCC Winter moved to a new location so if it usually has a good line up then that means this one should as well, but the suggestion is that next year the three 'Mega Cons' will be in Manchester, London & Brighton and will attract all the big name guests that people will generally travel for.
  3. If you fly into Heathrow Airport, it takes about 20 mins to get the train to Paddington and then you have to get through the underground to your hotel. If you fly into Gatwick Airport, it takes about 30 mins to get the train to Brighton and then hopefully short walk or bus ride to your hotel The main issue is that Heathrow connects to more airports than Gatwick so it depends what city you're coming from! Gatwick doesn't really do any direct flights outside of Europe so the main issue is for anyone coming from somewhere like the US or another continent
  4. That suggests that if you live in Brighton as I do, then everything north of London is also virtually inaccessible. I travel north of London fairly often and usually by public transport, whether it's to Birmingham to see family, or further north to go on holiday :-) it's not particularly great but it's far from impossible! And if the venue had been moved north then people this side of London would be the ones complaining. I suppose there are more people north of London than south of it lol, but they were going to get some backlash no matter where they moved it to as it would inevitably be moving closer to some people and further away from others. True, moving it to somewhere like Birmingham probably would have catered for more people being closer than father away, but I certainly would never call anything the other side of London, whatever side you live on be it north, east, south or west, 'virtually inaccessible' :-) you get into Euston and 4 stops on the tube with no changes and you can get to Victoria in 6 mins!
  5. Unfortunately there are major engineering works at London Bridge impacting on trains running too/from London The trains from London Bridge to Brighton aren't really an issue as they are slower and less frequent (2 an hour) than trains running from Victoria to Brighton. Victoria trains take 52-55 mins when they are fast which run twice an hour, and 60-70 mins when they stop at a few more stations which also run twice an hour. Double the direct trains running from London Bridge, half of which are faster!
  6. As someone who lives in Brighton and wasn't originally going to LFCC Winter this is obviously great for me as it's now a 10 min walk from my house! But I think it's the cost of hotels and travel that now either have to be cancelled or rearranged that have frustrated most people. London has several others cons, so if this one had been in Brighton from day one then there wouldn't be so much frustration. It's nice for me to finally have a con on my doorstep but I agree London is more accessible for the majority than Brighton. That said, I do have sympathy with Showmasters for having to try and rearrange things when they realised they weren't going to work our at Olympia, I doubt they would have done this if a better choice had come up! Earls Court closing has screwed a lot of cons over. I was hoping to go to a major gaming con (not mentioning names ) this year as I do every year and now they've moved the damn thing to Birmingham?!?! No hope of me getting there, so I can sympathise with people who feel this con has moved even further out of reach for them, especially people coming from up north where they are already travelling a decent distance to get here. Hopefully next year once everything settles down there won't be anymore sudden change in cities :-) P.S Oh and the engineering works that everyone is complaining about are between Brighton and Worthing/Littlehampton, so anyone coming down from London will have no trouble whatsoever!
  7. This is the problem I had when I was at DSTL. The DLR closes so often on weekends it makes it a nightmare to get to. Earls Court is much much easier to reach especially as I get into London Victoria, only a few minutes on the tube! Failing that I could always get to West Brompton if the tube was closed, Excel is a lot more limited when it comes to access via public transport which will not only restrict people to travelling one route but will also cause a huge bottleneck down the DLR! (assuming it's even open)
  8. Even though I'm not from Cardiff and actually live in Brighton (which is much closer to London) the south west do seem to be lacking in Showmasters events so I'm thrilled that they are spreading out even more and bringing some comic con fun to a new part of the country!
  9. I was in Brent's Sunday photoshoot and they didn't call any numbers, we just all queued up in a line and went through :-P
  10. Correct. There is usually some form of sign at the start of each virtual queue that says '1-50', '1-200', '1-500' etc. When the queue starts to get small, the top number will be increased allowing more people to join the queue and that will continue until the end of the day. So you can never miss your turn as long as your get to the queue on that day. On the following day the numbers will reset back to the start again.
  11. It currently says this:- Planned closure Sunday 21 October no service between London City Airport and Woolwich Arsenal due to engineering works. A bus replacement service operates between London City Airport and King George V valid tickets will also be accepted on Southeastern services via any reasonable route. Saturday 20 October and Sunday 21 October no service between Canning Town and Beckton due to engineering works. A bus replacement service operates. Running from Canning Town to Beckton stopping all stops except Royal Victoria. A supplementary bus service will run from Canning Town to ExCel. So by the looks of things:- -DLR will be shut at ExCel -Replacement buses will be operating -An extra bus service will also be operating between Canning Town and ExCel I assume they must know that there is a large event happening over the weekend and added the extra service to compensate, so hopefully it'll means the queues are shorter!!
  12. As all platinum passes have access to both parties, the stunt show etc, the pass itself will get you in, no extra stuff needed. As for the in person autographs, they should be printed on your pass.
  13. Yes he did :) he sort of became 'fake' captain during Tinker,Tenor, Doctor, Spy and then the full ECH subroutines were activated during Workforce.
  14. If we're mentioning other captains, then John Harriman and Rachel Garrett probably deserve a mention as the other 2 Captains of the Enterprise, and maybe even Robert April as well!
  15. Yes, but lets's say I want to attend : Saturday 10:00 Stage B Manu talk Saturday 11:20 Stage B John de Lancie Does this mean I ask for the first one only, and then go back to the end of the queue... If everyone is going to have to do this, the queue will never change and be about the same length all day! At previous events you could get as many as you want in one go providing you only ask for one per talk. So you can get one for Manu and one for John in the same queue but if you wanted 2 for John you would have to queue twice
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