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  1. yeah he was wicked.. gotta love the 'winston rules' t shirt
  2. i think you even had to pay to take a photo of the bike.. even with out the tropper there.. or even standing next to it! some guys were casually taking photos (as people do) and they then gave the lady some cash! but they were atleast 15 ft away!
  3. Lol put him down as a guest request, you'll never know unless you try. Unless you already have. :) 968702[/snapback] i may just do that..lets get together a hit list..thanks er..Mr/MRS the freak accident
  4. i Met him.he was great..he even filmed me on his camera..but thats another story!
  5. ah ur female..i wondered why the nickname Merlin had hearts for the corey boys! doh that make sense :)
  6. blackboxmartin


    i get your point gazznewbie ..but then im not a s trek or serenity fan so it dont bother me.. You meet who you want to meet and all that and everyone has an amazing time! :)
  7. cos its a stupid man who was in control of it hahaha
  8. What do u think...i guess it can tedious ..but i think it would be swell to meet joe public in a controlled enviroment..plus MK is a great location!
  9. Yeah he ruled did old warwick.. i hope that some sept Jeremy Bullock is at CM10 so i can ask him if warwick mentioned me! :)
  10. X Files would be cool Meeting Mulder and scully would be realyl cool I wished i met Kryton now!
  11. He dont look lik he used to...but im a guy I think the lost boys were wasted!...or maybe hung oveR?
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