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  1. they are most definately not given to crew! Crew have to pay for everthing just as the members of public do. If you are offered a free one from a guest you are allowed it but under no circumstances are we allowed to ask for them. big slapped wrists otherwise. i've crewed 3 times now and guest assisted about 6 times and never had a freebie :) *edited* Sorry but we don't put contractual details on here.
  2. Matthew Lewis - Sarah, thanks for being a good laugh at these crazy events love matt i was one along from him crewing on sat though so was lucky to get a few chats with him. love it!
  3. minshy17

    the thanks thread! :)

    Thanks to everyone for yet another weekend. So sad it will be my last one for a while with the bump growing. hopefully will come back next year even if i have to bring the baby! i nearly cried when signing out yesterday Sarah
  4. minshy17

    Guest experiences

    i guest assisted Tom Morga on Saturday and he was ace. i wish he was my uncle lol. A fan from germany had come over especially to see him and he brought him round the back with the guests for the day which the fan later then whispered in my ear that his dreams had all come true at once aw! My favourite guest was Matt Lewis, he was so kind and genuine and talking to everyone as equals and like his mates. had a wicked weekend i'm so sad that i can't crew for a while due to my growing baby bump!
  5. minshy17

    London Crew Hotel?

    am i missing something???? What did i say that was disparaging???? if its only 25 mins then i will save money and walk.
  6. minshy17

    London Crew Hotel?

    ah i've now had to book coach as there are no parking facilities and the coach fare has doubled since i checked yesterday Still £20 return not too bad Is there going to be a crew bus to the venue from the hotel? I looks like 2 miles away or am i being a geography biff? *EDITED* Please do not use disparaging remarks, even in jest. Thankyou.
  7. minshy17

    London Crew Hotel?

    i have the email saying what hotel we are in, but i have looked online and there are a few possible locations as to where this is. The email also said that a further email would be sent out on Monday/Tuesday with further details and maps. i have not had this yet.
  8. minshy17

    London Crew Hotel?

    Hiya, Has anyone had the email with more information on location of the hotel? Its leaving it a bit close and due to the hotel not having parking available anywhere and the location being in the congestion charging zone i am now having to book coach tickets but i need to plan my journey. I also read online that the you have to provide your own duvets for the room which i am hoping is for the students only as if i now have to get a coach i do not want to be lugging my bedding on the tube with me! Thanks
  9. minshy17


    i would recommend paying to park at a tube and then riding into london. whenever i go to london i park at osterley tube station which costs about 3-4 quid for the whole day and it is right on the picadilly line so 30 mins on tube into centre of london (earls court prob only about 15 with a couple of changes). As i live in swindon this is great location for me as it is fairly near heathrow and therefore close to motorway. There are loads of tube stations with cheap parking you just need to do a little research to find them.
  10. minshy17

    Glasgow Crew emails

    I received it but cannot go LFCC will be my last crewing event for a while as i will be too pregnant to carry on afterwards. Sooo happy about being pregnant but gutted i didnt find out about crewing for showmasters sooner as i LOVE IT!!! i will be back beofre you know it with baby strapped onto my back lol
  11. minshy17

    Venue map and signing area

    oh cool. ha ha i pictured people queuing around the seats! It looks like i will definately need to warm up though! lots of layers!
  12. minshy17

    Venue map and signing area

    this may seem stupid of me but i havent been here before. Is that literally the football pitch in the middle with the guests being spread out around it where the spectators normally are? I hope i'm wrong otherwise i will have to pack my rain coat and multiple layers.
  13. minshy17

    C16 Crew confirmations!

    Its probably a good thing there isn't a party as i really regretted drinking the next day when we had to get up so early and get on a bus Saying that i am pregnant now so drink is out the window for me! A nice sensible early night me thinks!
  14. minshy17

    C16 Crew confirmations!

    i'm crewing Sat Sun and Mon wohoo!!!!
  15. minshy17

    C16 Crew e-mails have gone out!

    received and replied thank you. I forwarded on to someone who wants to crew too. Hope i get in i'm well excited to crew again and catch up with my pals!