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  1. sammulhall@supanet.com

    Latest Guest Announcement - Erik Odom

    Fab news. A vamp newbie ☺️. Can't wait to meet him. Thank youuuu x
  2. sammulhall@supanet.com

    Latest Guest Announcement - CAMERON BRIGHT

    Fantastic news! Thank you. So excited we got a volturi vamp! 😜😘
  3. sammulhall@supanet.com

    Guest Suggestions for ET10

    Just so happy that there will be another eternal twilight - happy to meet/meet again anyone really but would love to meet Kellan and Billy :-). I know this is a big ask but meeting Catherine hardwicke would be amazing too.
  4. sammulhall@supanet.com

    Eternal Twilight is Coming Back

    Thank you soooooo much. Cannot wait to find out more. You have made a lot of twi fans VERY happy. Fantastic news. Thank you again. X
  5. sammulhall@supanet.com

    Registration letters are on their way!

    Thank yoooooooou! x
  6. sammulhall@supanet.com

    Got my ticket......

    Yay! 3 golds just booked! First time gold for all of us. Sooooooooo excited. Hope the bling is worth it! lol
  7. sammulhall@supanet.com

    next guest coming soon

    Will spread the word. Cannot wait for ET5! (And ET6!). Noticed you were linked on Twight Lexicon Website the other day for UK twilight convention, along with other worldwide twilight events. Hopefully that will help too. x
  8. sammulhall@supanet.com

    Unofficial to official?

    Lol. What am I like? Read the bit at top of page, where it says 'convention for twilight fans'. Always thought this said 'unofficial'. Read further down now. Sorry guys. Excitement just took over. False alarm! Oops. Sorry. X
  9. sammulhall@supanet.com

    Unofficial to official?

    Hi SM/ME I have noticed that the front page for ET5 reads 'convention for Twilight fans' - its always been 'Unofficial' before if I remember correctly? Anything you may need to share with us? Lol. Or perhaps I'm going nuts! Lol If you are now official then huge congrats! You deserve it. If I have misread into this, then apologies. If not, then this could be very exciting indeed.
  10. sammulhall@supanet.com

    Big movie guest or a Cullen?

    CULLEN pleeeeeeeease.
  11. sammulhall@supanet.com


    Thank you sooooooooooooo much SM/ME. Great job! Had an amaaaaazing time (again) Best one yet! Just want to say that EVERY ONES hard work is VERY much appreciated. Eternal Twilight just gets better and better. Roll on ET5! 117 sleeps to go!
  12. sammulhall@supanet.com

    Distraught. LITERALLY

    Charlie! Just to say - I asked Charlie if he would be coming to ET5 and he said that he would not be coming. I agree with flipp. Without rubbing salt in...you missed a great time. The suprise element was soooo exciting.
  13. sammulhall@supanet.com

    People shouting in the talks

    Thank you for the info on Breaking Dawn filming. Hope you are feeling better. THIS!!!!! ARGHHHH I had same problem unfortunately.
  14. sammulhall@supanet.com

    Complaint about the staff of Hilton

    I personally didn't have any problems with staff really. Infact my friend had amazing help from a really kind man on the reception desk on sunday afternoon, who helped her to sort out her travel arrangement issues. He was so kind and helpful. Really sorry to hear some of these dreadful stories. Please complain officially to the hotel though, if you can. They really need to sort this out. I guess if they don't know, they can't do anything about it. I'm with you all on the food - really bad. Worse than at ET3 sadly. Had to send my Cullen burger back 3 times as it was pink! Really pink. Put me off so much. Lived on my yummy cooked breakfast for 2 days. lol. Breakfast was nice. Bit worried about the party Bar - 2 vodka and redbulls 12 quid!!! Anyone else have these and pay this price? Why didn't I say anything - wonder what they would have been if the bar wasn't discounted???? lol Will stick to vino next time - bargain price!
  15. sammulhall@supanet.com

    Photoshoot Feedback

    Please can we have a light background at ET5? Love the white Twilight one - perhaps a white one with the Eternal Twilight across the top may be a possibility??? Thanks.