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  1. no would you pose for playboy if they asked you?
  2. Tegan

    Last Post Wins?

    dear lord alive how long has it been since i was on here?! *wins*
  3. i openly love watching project runway reruns =] and secretly love watching 'little people, big world' - a charming programme about a family of dwarves
  4. *bump* the oldies are the best
  5. Tegan

    This or That

    patrick fallout boy or panic! at the disco (and don't say neither! )
  6. depends what business your in if you could speak another language fluently, but you had to forfit 2 fingers and a toe of your choice...would you?
  7. Tegan

    Last Post Wins?

    Oh look Tegan Agress i don't remember saying that!...the bare faced cheek of it all!... *wins and also throws and egg at anyone reading this*
  8. Tegan

    Last Post Wins?

    well obviously not as i am now the winner
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