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  1. I'm sure it will be really good, but money is a bit tight at the moment
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought it was originally announced as a free event (I may be wrong), haven't got the funds to get into the paid talk unfortunately so I'll be giving it a miss now.
  3. Once the general admission queue starts letting in at 9 is it fairly quick to get in? I'm only going Sunday if that helps
  4. Thanks, hope it's still happening. I'll keep a lookout for more info
  5. Has there been any more info released on the fatman on batman podcast? What time and where? Couldn't see it on the schedule and can't seem to find any other posts
  6. Noooooo! He was my main guest so disappointing
  7. Do you think Ming will be signing after the photo session on Sunday? Looks like it's finishing at 16.40. I have a diamond pass and was hoping to get my photo op signed
  8. I've got them separately too, doh! Oh well, will be great to meet them all anyway. Does anyone know if any of them are bringing their world belts with them?? Would be awesome to see one up close!
  9. wow, I was hoping for this. Any more boxers to come? 11am to 3pm is becoming a busy time for me!
  10. I hope that someone does give us an explanation once we have all recovered from the event. We queued outside the event for over 4 hours before we gave up and left. We saw no signs telling us where to queue (we simply went for the massive one going around the entire building) and there were no staff around to ask what was going on or if we had any chance of getting in. Eventually (4 hours later) a crew member told us the venue was full to capacity and they couldn't guarantee us entry. It needed more communication with the people queueing outside so we knew what was going on.
  11. are there going to be any more guests announced for this? I notice on the website it says 'we have 7 guests' so does that mean they are not looking for any more? Would love to see Nicola Adams
  12. Nicola Adams, Katie Taylor, Anthony Joshua and Chris Eubank Jr would make this even better! And Tyson Fury if you can keep him away from David Price!
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