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  1. Kelsbells64

    Friday Meet Up..

    I will be there !
  2. Kelsbells64

    Party themes

    I agree PARTY THEMES. . . . . considering how many people make their own costumes your alienating your customers by not announcing something which seems easy enough as party themes? What a way to start the con off on a negative note!
  3. Kelsbells64

    Hallowhedon 2 feedback thread

    I will post later as I have a good pro and con list. As the organisers stated its good to get both types of feedback. A major plus is that the cons are moving away from the thistle. God this hotel get worse every time, we had cleaning staff come to our door at half eight at to ask are you sure you dont want your room cleaned. "EH NOOOOOOOOOO go away" then but what about clean towels. I actually asked the reception if it was on the level as it just seemed so dodgy! The BAR!!!! I honestly do not understand the cheek of charging me £3.25 for a glass of cola which has been poured out a bottle of 99p COLA????? That is beyond a joke and I freaked when I watched the waiter pour the dredges out 2 bottles to make up my glass of refreshing and expensive cola. Also the booze was so overpriced that it cant have been only me that was think I cant afford to drink here!!!!! £15 for a bottle of echo falls - Thats some bloody profit margain considering how cheap echo falls wine is???? or £5 in the bar and £6 upstairs for a glass???? I also complained to the lunch waiter asking if there was a chance for vegetarian food and was getting into my rant when the poor guy started apologising and said he would bring down veggie bean burgers. So am really glad I asked. I did notice that they made extra than the two i asked for and people were buying them. MIne was cold but still better than a packet of crisps! He did use the same tongs to pick up my chips as he did the girl before me's beefburger but since most of teh staff struggle with english am guessing basic food hygiene and cross contamination food is something that may be out of their reach. I did like the idea of the lunch buffet though. I know that there are alot of vegetarians and vegans at these things and it would be nice to be thought of in the meal deals and such... . .Can somone with a car do a subway run at nex years ha ha I know its not MS fault the staff and attitude of the Thistle but its so frustrating staying or being in this hotel. PLus on the Saturday we were entitled to an extra hour and got NOTHING. they closed - buggar! On the flip side - they do an awesome breakfast write more later . . . very tired
  4. Kelsbells64

    Hallowhedon 2 feedback thread

    Indeed. I have never seen a guest hand out stuff like that before. Especially stuff like the NASA pass - he should have kept them himself! His jokey 'put down' of Jewel made me laugh - "Let's give out some of the stuff that you brought Jewel" or words to that effect Jewel: "got any gum Alan"
  5. Kelsbells64


    that was sooo funny, as was Take off your pants
  6. Kelsbells64

    PJ Party!

    Those travelling! Poor excuses . . . there are several toilets available for a superman type change of costume. so come down in normal clothes, slip the pj's on and then slip them off at the end of the night.
  7. Kelsbells64

    Joss-abet Game!

    Underthings . .Tumbling . . wanna say .. . love your hair . . - from Freezeray song
  8. Kelsbells64

    Passes Idea....

    Perhaps instead of wrist bands you could adopt the attitude of other cons, were they have volunteer stewards who check the passes regularly to avoid people switching. Its very complicated and ashame that some people are ruining it and if it was up to me I'd ban them. Once people witnessed the extreme punishment they would stop it. Only the unhonest can really appose that idea.
  9. Kelsbells64

    PJ Party!

    come to the dark side lol we have fluffly jammies am doing the jammies thing and lookiing forward to a group pj pic
  10. Kelsbells64


    joss whedon has done all four shows lol
  11. Kelsbells64


    Although saying this Joss does use some of the same Actors/Actress, so even if you only like one show there is a chance there will be someone who covers more than one show. I only watch Buffy and Dollhouse and I'm really excited to meet Alan who is more of a main cast from firefly but still appeard in dollhouse so he covers both shows. yeah like Felica Day (Buffy, Dr Horrible & Dollhouse), Alexis Denisoff(Angels, Buffy, Dollhouse), Mark Sheppard (Dollhouse, Firefly), Jonathon Woodward (Buffy, Angel, Firefly), Nathan Fillion(Firefly, Serenity, Buffy, Dr Horrible), Eliza Dushku(Dollhouse, Angel, Buffy), Seth Green (Angel, Buffy) Tom Lenk (Buffy, Angel) Adam Baldwin (Angel, Firefly, Serenity) Summer Glau(Firefly, Serenity, Angel) Fran Kranzs(Dollhouse, Cabin in the Woods) Andy Umberger (buffy, Angel) Carlos Jacott( buffy, Angel) Jeff Ricketts (Buffy, Angel, Firefly) Can anyone add to the list ?
  12. Kelsbells64


    must ignore buffy comment, must ignore buffy comment, must ignore buffy comment Am lucky am all rounded jossverse fan, I LOVE buffy (an unhealthy amount), Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse, Dr Horrible and well you get the idea. I even bought the comics but didnt like what happened to the buffy/angel characters so stopped. Am happy with the line but since I only started doing cons recently I have yet to meet any of them. So I can imagine seasoned con attendee's being disappointed with the line up. Am not disppointed with the line up but I am disappointed with the numbers. More so as they wont announce if this is the final line up. I get what the mods mean when they say they wont announce until the deals done but wouldnt hurt for them to say This isnt the final line up guys be a bit more patient or this is the final line up.
  13. Kelsbells64

    hallowhedon 3

    the guest announcements really irk me. so that more than the guests will be a factor
  14. Kelsbells64


    thats cos he is amazing! I get so excited when he shows up. His voice is the bomb
  15. Kelsbells64

    Nicky B

    Your not the only one that remembers hearing that they would try for 6 guests. Last year we had 5 and even then there was large gaps with nothing to do on the sunday till the talks started. Im not wanting to cause trouble but the lack of guests or fingers crossed the last minute in signing ones still to be anncouned. If this is the final line up, it be better if ME just told us. here here fine if thats the final line but let us know. Then all the any more guest comments can stop and everyone can settle into knowing whats whats and with so little time left it would be good to know one way or the other