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  1. Johnson - was on another thread that someone says they saw someone pay for Summer Glau auto with Euros.
  2. I remember years ago when my mum was paying for autos with an English £50 as she had went to bank to get english money but they didn't have anything smaller. Person taking the money wasn't very happy even though she spent £40 and she thought she had done the right thing by specifically bringing English notes.
  3. I'm sure its something like they are legal currency but not legal tender. Whenever I'm down in England shops always do look strangely at them but have never been refused. For things lime lfcc I would usually either use a cash machine in town that I know gives English notes or go into bank.
  4. Followed the imdb link to see what he had been in but links to wrong person.
  5. What is the date? Possibly due to the Braehead Clan who play ice hockey out of the arena as they usually have first games either last week Aug or 1st week in September.
  6. I know the talks are free but do you need to collect tickets for them? Also do you need to exit each talk and then queue for the next one? Thanks
  7. Wasn't surprised by the fact that Shannon and Brian didn't allow posed photos which is why I had bought my photo tickets in advance. I like the idea of paying for posed photos at the desk and I may be in the minority here but I woud have happily paid £20 which was the price of Shannon's photoshoot to get a posed photo over the desk with my own camera. Purely because I could have left the show a good bit earlier. Saying that I was impressed with how quickly the photos came back tho. I remember at Collectormania Glasgow my mum asked Marina Sirtis if she could have a photo (there was no sig
  8. guest prices have now been announced and Amber is only 15:-)
  9. Hmm going by that then Bob Picardo and Amber Benson will be £20:-(
  10. I'm in the same boat. I wouldn't mind if there were 2 events in London and I had to choose but the fact that I live in Glasgow makes it worse lol plus I've had my ticket booked for the other event since April.
  11. Personally I don't think there will be any problems getting a NIck photo ticket at the show. On the collectormania glasgow website under photo sessions it says they are available to buy at the show, so I doubt they'll be available online, otherwise it would say? If your flight is on time, or even an hour late then you'll be there in plenty of time for Nick's photoshoot.
  12. I don't know if they would give you a ticket for your friend as it generally is one per person (but with your friend having a disability they might make an exception if you speak to someone in charge) or failing that all you need to do is join the queue again and get a vq ticket for your friend.
  13. I don't mind when they add their character name, personally I wouldn't ask them not to because in a way you are assuming that they are going to add a character name. They might be like I wasn't going to anyway lol.
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