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  1. I could't agree more Richard! I guess I am going Sunday as well now!
  2. i will be buying a diamond pass for rutger but will probably want 3-4 graphs. Will i need to get a VQ ticket for the additional 1-2 graphs or can i just pick them up when I pick up my two graphs I get with the graphs? Sorry I'm sure this would have been asked elsewhere but haven't spotted
  3. They are now on sale but my Carl Weathers pic. Isn't there. What can I do about this please?
  4. My Carl Weathers pic from the Saturday isn't there either
  5. Are these for sale yet? I can't find them on the photo library site.
  6. Ah, OK. Thanks. It does refer to one if you click on his name on the event website but I guess that must be an error. Thanks.
  7. Yes, much love and thanks to Hannah and her team.
  8. Probably means there won't be photo shoots available for Stephen. Not all guests have photo shoots.
  9. Is a diamond pass specific to you? Could I get one and use one of the photo shoots for me and my wife have the other one?
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