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  1. OK let's stop the price discussion please. It is what it is. A guest announcement thread is not the place to discuss it. Thank you.
  2. People don't inform SM if they aren't going to turn up for a Photoshoot. The sessions run to a timed schedule. If people don't turn up then the remaining time is used to give them the chance to turn up. Which may happen from SM's point of view. It wouldn't be fair to sell more tickets and then the original people do turn up and there's not time for they're photo.
  3. Normally display vehicles are cordoned off (no touching/sitting in/etc) and don't have professional photo shoots.
  4. Thank you very much! Do I need to book the £5 one? You pay at the photo shoot area normally for non-guest prop shoots. For any prop shoots involving guests, purchase from the online shop, or from the sales desk at the event.
  5. Any such 'box' will not be blue. Nor will it be larger on the inside than the outside.....
  6. Unfortunately it really is a crystal ball thing. Nobody can know how many people will queue up at xx:xx with the intention of getting VT's from 'insert list of guests'. Being there before the doors open is probably the best general advice if you have a lot of guests to see who may be busy.
  7. You don't book autograph sessions. You can only purchase autographs on the day itself.
  8. I prefer matte. I just think it looks better and it doesn't appear to show fingermarks as much as glossy images.
  9. Please use the guest suggestion thread http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=80454
  10. Guests can be announced at any point up to an event. The guest suggestion thread is here http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=81814
  11. I suspect that all banks may becoming familiar with "LFCC" as a reason for a loan this year.
  12. The difference is you carried on with insulting comments after a request to stop from a moderator.
  13. Too Tall is going to hold them up. Whoever can reach unaided will get one.
  14. Probably not well known lol, but I enjoyed seeing him in an episode of Inspector Morse.
  15. It is against forum rules to insult other members. Please stop this immediately.
  16. It's not unusual for an announcement to be posted without prices. You've just not noticed this before that's all.
  17. and T J Thyne was announced 2 days before that Patience. They will be put up when they are ready to be put up.
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