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  1. I'm having a look at it now and it's the most confusing thing ever :S It is a bit! My train seems to be running ok, which I'm relieved about! I just hope everyone else is ok too!
  2. I'm hoping it does go through Leeds, if not I posted options to daphneblake just above. Leeds-Doncaster are running, as is Doncaster-Birmingham. Hopefully when CC release the timetables it'll say Leeds on the route. Does the Doncaster - Birmingham include Birmingham New Street? Crosscountry haven't got any bloody timetables up yet so I can't tell. If so then I'm going to be fine! The Cross Country timetable is now up!
  3. Do you have any other options? Like a coach or something?
  4. Thats good news! Obviously I'm too stupid to work out the route between Edinburgh and and Bristol! lol I've stopped panicking a bit now, soon as I read that, I was just looking for NEWCASTLE on the website. Haha. Where abouts do you live by the way? xxx I was just looking for Newcastle and Birmingham too! lol I live in Wallsend!
  5. Thats good news! Obviously I'm too stupid to work out the route between Edinburgh and and Bristol! lol
  6. According to National Rail enquiries website, Cross Country trains don't seem to be operating any routes from Newcastle during the strike, so I suppose I'll be up at 4.30am to catch a plane! Oh joy!
  7. So u can travel between 10am and 6pm! But if you look at the list of how the various train companies are being effected, they are still running vastly reduced services during the day - so people travelling between 10am and 6pm are still likely to have major problems! I therefore reserve the right to panic! lol
  8. I'm coming from Newcastle too! I don't know what's worse - spending 8 hours on a Coach or paying £130 to fly to Birmingham and getting the Coach from there! Oh jeez, thats not good! I totally draw the line at spending that amount of time on a bus, I've done it before and its awful. If you see someone hitching a lift outside central station on the Friday, that'll be me. Seriously though, I hope we can all get there and safely. xxx I'm going down on the thursday! My Easyjet flight and coach option only came to about £60 though, so it might be worth considering!
  9. My current plan is to fly from Newcastle to London Stansted and then get the coach to Northampton from there!
  10. I'm coming from Newcastle too! I don't know what's worse - spending 8 hours on a Coach or paying £130 to fly to Birmingham and getting the Coach from there!
  11. It definitely said that - you can see the original quote in Morbid Sparks response on Colin Teague's guest announcement thread!
  12. My train tickets still show up as the standard £91 if I put the route in directly (and I've never seen cheap advance fares for it, despite checking every day since December), but I bought separate tickets for the Newcastle to Birmingham and the Birmingham to Northampton parts of the journey and got them for £80, which included going first class from Newcastle to Birmingham and back! Which I thinks pretty good!
  13. That's brilliant news! Naoko was amazing at Hub 1!
  14. Can't wait to see you either Hayz! Just had a small panic attack, because someone said to me "I'm sure you said it was this weekend!" lol
  15. Read past posts concerning this as its already been discussed, so please read past posts! Can we just leave it now, and just get on with the fact JB is not coming to Hub 3 and there will be NO discount for Hub 3 ticket holders, at the end of the day you took the risk to get the £200 not JB, not SM.... It was YOU!!! So just please leave it now, and get on with the con, basically I am trying to say Deal With It! Others are or have! I agree with this 100%! And no-one is actually forcing you to go to Collectormania and spend £55 - that's your choice!
  16. And realistically, how many people do you think were queuing overnight in the foyer to get low-number gold tickets for guests other than John? Even SM knew that tickets would be "much in demand" when the first guest - JB - was announced. And thank you, teewood, for the kind and articulate post Well as one of the people who queued in the foyer from 5.30 in the morning, I did it because I wanted a good seat at the talks!
  17. ruth76

    Kai Owen

    I second this! Kai is always brilliant at conventions, and it wouldn't be the same without him!
  18. Like I said, it does not guarantee anything. It can't be anything BUT a rough indication of what people might want. Who is voting in the polls? How do we know it's everyone who is attending the Hub? Or people that already have tickets? Multiple account users? etc. Too many variables to EVER run an event based solely on the results of a forum poll I'm afraid. That and we don't know budgets or plans for the rest of the event and future events. This is genuinely the only section where I've felt like the fans think they run the event, and have the right to DEMAND certain guests or
  19. Just because they want to come doesn't mean that Massive Events can afford them! We have lots of guests already, and just because you're not interested in meeting some of them, doesn't mean that no-one else is. If you're not happy with the line-up, don't go! It really is as simple as that!
  20. The simple answer for anyone who's afraid the on-stage banter will corrupt their delicate offspring, is for them not to bring them! Torchwood is an adult show, it's not aimed at the same age-group as Doctor Who (hence it's post-watershed timeslot) and I view the convention the same way! (Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying don't bring children, just don't be surprised/offended if the language used and anecdotes told end up being more adult than you would really like them to hear!) I wouldn't want any of the guests to feel like they have to behave in a certain way. It wouldn't make for an e
  21. Thank you so much! That's the best news ever!
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