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  1. Hay guys, You may remember me as the Stargate Atlantis marine who has been to every single Chevron and all of the Collectomaina's and LFCC's since Collectomaina 7 or more recently at my Stargate Fan Film panel at Chevron 7.9. I'm here to tell you guys that my second SG film is on hold until April but during this forced break i am starting a project within my other sci fi love Star Trek. Star Trek: Temporal Anomaly is a cross era fan film which will take original characters from all of the Trek era's and throw them together with an interesting twist. We are currently trying to raise money thought the donation = rewards kickstarter site http://www.kickstart...nomaly-fan-film If you like the project please like us on twitter, Facebook and share where you can. If you can pledge to help us make the best film we can then pledge to win some great rewards you can even pledge to become an extra with a speaking role in the film! Facebook - http://www.facebook....TemporalAnomaly @https://twitter.com/STTempAnomaly Thank you for anything and everything! See you at the next chevron Samuel Cockings Photos from the kickstarer Promo
  2. Hay Guys you may know me from all of the Chevrons and the collectomania's the the Stargate Atlantis Marine who's family runs the stargate museum which goes on at many of the Chevrons! Well i've put these props and costumes into good use with the first of my 3 (SGU/SG-1/SGA) Stargate Fan Films. These are high quality productions with a mix of green screen work and practical set filming! The trailer of SGU: Distant Hope! See what you think of the trailer and if you like it please subscribe/like and comment on the you tube as well as like the Facebook page at @SGUDistantHope I'm making these films for you the fans as a way of keeping the franchise alive! I hope you enjoyed it and will be looking forward to the films release in August Enjoy
  3. Hay guys, i know there is a who are they thread already but this is very specific there were 2 nicely dressed klingons walking around on the Saturday. Does anyone who know they are or what group/organisation they may belong to? id like to get them involved in a film in the future!
  4. Check out the University of Northamptons's Students Union next weekly update with The Dave Show S01E04 Star Wars The Old Republic Review. Dave takes an in-depth look at the huge MMO! Check it out! and if you want to support the university look at the other videos which include funny short films, more in depth game reviews and looks at the University Itself!
  5. This year we shall also be adding to the display (you know us as the Stargate Atlantis Marine and costuming family) Unlike most years we will not be bringing our entire and rather sizeable collection due to the extra distance travelled but we will bring some key examples plus a "gun" exhibition since that was rather popular last time and many many people wanted pictures with my replica weapons. This time we will include all that we have in that department with pictures available with anything from a Staff Weapon to P90 to Ronans Gun :)
  6. FANTASTIC...seen his videos on you tube, fun guy! Now to get Peter Kelamis cos i know there great friends in real life and play of each other loads ^.^
  7. It should go witout saying 2 guest from each series...3 shows 2 guests from each...they are all part of the Stargate Franchise and the fans love them all, some fans for different once but they are all loved. And since these Chevrons have been going it is a case that just about all of the major cast members of SG-1 and SgA have gone none really from SGU and we want to see new people. Some new some old. If we just had same guests i woulds top going unfortunately because money is very tight at uni and i go for the photoshoots as my take away money worthwhile and if i already have most of the guests...2 SG-A 2 SGA and 2 SGU and everyones happy
  8. Get him for Chevron 7.8 and NOT a collectomania we want the personal convention experience...sucks tho ...thanks for getting torri tho!
  9. aww so sad i was going to be in farscape all weekend because he was there! OH WELL i'm not worried showmasters pulled 3 AMAZING guests out of nowhere last time -- SGU people PLEASE!
  10. That would be amazing if he does have one on!...we have a staff weapon too, i may have to splash out for this one ...there goes food for a week
  11. Hayyyyy Stargate fans and sci fi fans in general are the nicest people u can find!, just say hay to a few people and before u know it ur in a heated discussion to weather or not Eli is smarter than M'kay in no time...im Samuel btw and althought i knoww loads of people going my parents might not be so flying solo i may be
  12. Good guest tho more Stargate people too please .....SGU!!!!
  13. With some huge family financial issues any kind of large display of original props and costumes which you guys have become accustomed to is out of the question. I will encourage a small selection of some of the coolest pieces to make there way to the event as the public always enjoy. Steven himself may not be attending at all due to money (if Jason were to wave the ticket fee for the complete display that might be practical but otherwise). I live in Northampton now and intend to collect a few props and things and take them down myself including a selection of my SG weapons so there will be a Samuel contribution at least :)
  14. power543

    SGA guests?

    Please SGU/SGA -- there are so many interesting people in SGU we've never seen!
  15. Very Impressive! I know where my Uni money's going! will this be a £25, £30 or £35 Very Awesome tho a very special photo shoot!
  16. My new film "The Exchange" The short is designed to showcase the stereotypical parts of many action films (Gun fire, chase sequence, hand to hand combat) but to do them in my own way and to the best of my ability. This is my first full project in 1080 HD and although it presented new challenges in the editing phase it dose look darn pretty Hope you guys enjoy
  17. A new short film and my first time doing muzzle flashes. We used many of our props and costume pieces from our collection, Akash is wearing Original SG-A while i am wearing my replica. See what you guys think Enjoy
  18. very enjoyable!! it was a fantastic show at the chevron he attended and this more bite sized version was just as awesome although next time (definatley a next time) give him more time to really develop like he did at chevron. Bam Bam is a lovely chap, very down to earth and after my father telling him i am a film maker he suggested i record the show and with his agent permission i did so. Anyone who missed the show will get to see a nice tripod steady version of this show in the coming week with some clips and unplanned celebrity interviews from the show! great stunt show tho!
  19. hay guys! I recently played a fantastic airsoft day (Professional BB gun battles) and as it was my first i thought id do some filming through out. Here is the final product and i'm quite pleased with it! if you like seeing G36C's, P90's M16's AK-47's and a lot of guys in tactical Armour all in HD then this is for you I went in my Stargate Atlantis regardless of weather it would give me any Camo protection in a FORREST! (it did not). I wanted to be a SGA marine and i was and it was fantastic Enjoy
  20. So im going in my new full SGU, Full Atlantis, Full BSG and Farscape might get a look in! for the BSG and SGU this will be there first event! i'm excited my SGU is technically in the post but will (should) get here before the event so you guys will see it probably only a day after i see it xD
  21. Hay guys as most of you know me and my family put out (with the help of others) the Stargate exhibition at the Chevron conventions. With our participation sometimes not known until late in the game and regular new prop purchases i thought id put this up here so anyone interested can see up to date information as the chevron conventions get closer and of course any questions or anything can be asked through it as well. @SamuelCockings I am also a film maker by nature and release short films and special features http://www.youtube.com/user/power543 I did a film a little time back that involved many screen used SG-1 and SGA props and costumes AND STARGATE RELATED i am making a Stargate film in the next 2 months which involves all 3 series as well as a healthy dose of time travel so stay tuned for that! I'm pretty excited myself Samuel
  22. well dads display more that Star Warriors tbh, they only pitched in for the one in Bedford xD cant wait! see you in less than 48 hours everyone
  23. I shall be going on the Sunday with family and friends and wearing my - Full SG-A with P90 and mabey rocket launcher for good measure - My waiting to come in post new SG-U full outfit with new G36K and vest - My farsape john Crighton outfit minus leather trousers - My BSG officers outfit + rifle and pistol - Dads TNG red or Gold if i can fit into it + phser rifle and phaser belt= equipment all out for this one! SG-A cos its my main and love one Sg-U cos its new and there are SGU people going so its for there photoshoots Farscape cos C'mon its awsome! Bsg again for the photoshoots get Tigh to hold my rifle and Trek if it will fit propperly for those photoshoots ALLLL INNN :P
  24. Farscape is one of my top Sci Fi shows, a great combination of humor, science/tech and action. Brilliant characters, cool ships and the world renowned Pulse Pistol! (i love my pulse pistol) and who can forget Crichton Season 2-peace keeper wars leather outfit (which i have) amazing
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