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  1. Scoop1107

    What number are you?

    I am gold 18. :)
  2. Scoop1107

    Kai Surprise from us fans

    Cool, thanks. I shall look out for you!
  3. Scoop1107

    Registration Letters

    Haha, definitely!!!! I'm loving this! We should do it definitely! Everyone get their thinking Caps on !!! I think the beer tin idea in the other thread is great, it seems to fit the occasion as we all know Kai likes a beer at these things!
  4. Scoop1107

    Kai Surprise from us fans

    This is a nice idea. Who should I be looking out for? (i have no idea what anyone looks like!)
  5. Scoop1107

    Registration Letters

    Can you access your online shop account? I would imagine there will be some sort of order history there, maybe if you print that out and take it along it will be enough to show who you are.
  6. Scoop1107

    Registration Letters

    Somebody should give Kai Owen an award for special services to The Hub - he certainly deserves it!
  7. Scoop1107

    Party Theme Suggestions

    I know it's a bit different, but how about a Torchwood recruitment drive. Come as anyone or anything who you think would make a good Torchwood operative, whether they be fictional or real. With not much time before the con, it would give a wide range of choices for everybody wanted to dress up.
  8. Scoop1107

    Hotel code?

    I've tried ringing twice now, and both times I've been told they aren't yet taking bookings for The Hub - has anyone actually managed to book for that weekend yet? I have already booked a room for those nights through the Park Inn website, but if I can get one at the con rate I will cancel the original booking.
  9. Scoop1107

    Who do you want to see?

    As unlikely as some of these are, here's my five: Matt Rippy Peter Capaldi John DeLancie Ian Gelder Indira Varma
  10. Scoop1107

    John mentioned us on Lorraine

    I watched his interview before I headed home - it was a lovely way to finiash the weekend off! I also heard him mention the Hub, and thought that it was a nice bit of advertising - you never know, people who haven't heard of it before may now be tempted to attend future events.
  11. Scoop1107

    Thank You

    I also have con flu! Although I have named it Barrowman Flu as this is the third time I've come away from seeing him with a cold - but it is so worth it!
  12. Scoop1107

    for Hub 8

    Since Kai wouldn't demonstrate it, we need to get Ian Gelder back to re-enact his party trick. I agree with Daniele - he was amazing, he walked passed a couple of times when I was waiting for a friend and both times he came over and asked if I was ok, was I enjoying mysef etc. He was so sweet, but brilliant on stage as well. Would be thrilled to have him at Hub 8.
  13. Scoop1107

    Thank You

    Yes, thank you, thank you to everyone involved in making this weekend possible, i have laughed, cheered and sung so much that my throat is now ripped to shreds but it was so worth it. I've come away with some very special memories, photos and autographs. Now to watch JB on lorraine kelly before heading home...how many days until the next one?!
  14. Scoop1107

    Hub 7 Schedule

    Saturday's schedule is above sunday in the first post.
  15. Scoop1107

    Hotel mix-up

    I rang the the other day for an e mail confirmation and they sent it straight away, however the attachment wouldn't open. I e-mailed them again today and they have e-mailed straight back with the info needed, so if anyone does need to contact them, but can't call e-mail seems an effective way of doing so. Hope everyone's reservations are ok. :)