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  1. Im not getting a problem that I know of, what pages are broken?
  2. Jonny you are being a little unreasonable here. Moderators dont sit around and monitor these boards all day. As you said yourself you are open to free speech, so the free speech in question is that some people disagree with you. This forum is connected to Showmasters events. Any discussion of a rival event organiser is not welcome. That is normal practice and pretty obvious. Go to a collecting forum that isnt connected to a particular organiser. If you must write to actors agents, I already forwarded you www.convention-guests.com for a huge list of names, that Showmasters havn't censored for you. Any others you'll have to find yourself. I think i'd find the agent of any actor within 5 minutes with little common sense if I wanted to. It is recognised that it is not polite to write to actors agents requesting autographs and replies to letters. Agents are not PA's as such, they are there to put actors forward for work. The best essay on this is probably either on Equity's website or, surprisingly, on Convention-guests's site on the Contacting Us page. Thats why people who know this hobby are reluctant to source info from agencies and therefore you are on your own if you must find this info. This forum favours meeting guests in person at these events and to observe/contribute to a Q&A. Lastly, this forum isnt a paid-for service so no-one in their right has to reply to your questions if they simply dont want to. Especially if it has nothing to do with Showmasters' Empire Day events specifically. Sorry to put it bluntly -and I genuinly am sorry- as I can see you are passionate for information, but if no-one here helps, then go elswhere. Good luck.
  3. Her agency that represent her for conventions is www.convention-guests.com, and they sell autos too. Although I believe she has not attended a signing yet. The reason I posted 'shame on you' to SithLord and Bounty Hunter is because SithLord was rude in his post. We're all upset and as others mentioned we are all entitled to voice our opinions as free speech yadda yadda, but plain rudeness I dont believe is justified. Bounty Hunter lectured me in an earlier post because I expressed disappointment at there only being 7 guests this time around. I never said I was unhappy with this 7 as he has, actually i'm very pleased and they are very interesting guests. He then claimed they are not worth the Eurostar as C. Munroe had cancelled. Seems a little 2-faced. Personally I wouldnt have posted that in case a guest may browse this forum but oh well. Bless you SithLord, IMDB and other databases only compile info from contributors and 'spider bots'. If you think theyre concrete CV's of each actor and crewmember and you think you know everything they do outside Star Wars, think again.
  4. Shame on you two! SithLord, Is ED a struggling con? I think its providing a good service since its been on 3 times this year. By background extra you are demeaning the guest list? I assume you'd prefer Prowse and Baker et al? Also, since when is any of the major cast interested in a convention, in another country, and even if they were would all be available for the same day? Without the major cast members interested and the serial convention suspects not invited, that leaves what you term 'background extras'. Dont forget that some were only extras in Star Wars and are now actors/stuntmen in other projects, some were crew members at Lucasfilm and now crew members on other projects. Its well known the Star Wars autograph circuit was dire and fans needed new names, now we got them and you complain! Bounty Hunter, I recall you stated before that we have been spoiled in the past and I should be happy with 'only' 7 guests. I gather from your comment above you are not happy yourself. I actually dont see why everyone was pining for only Catherine Munroe anyway, sure she was a great background character and wore a mask, does that make her any more important than other guests who did exactly that? Some didnt even wear masks and some have their own figures too, like 2 have this weekend. If I were a guest and read these rude posts, I would cancel too. Shame on you.
  5. AOTC did pickups at Leavesden Studios, which was where TPM was filmed. Mike Savva was at the last ED who was one of the Naboo Guards in the first scene, although I dont recall if he is Australian.
  6. What you mean "ONLY" ??? There was a time when 7 guests was consittered alot for a one day event. Beside it is not as easy to keep finding first time signers and you got a world premiere in Catherine Munroe.... come one guys be happy N. I AM happy trust me, but the past 2 EDs have had loads of guests and theres others that are possible from the same site, I take it they're unavalable? Catherine Munroe is indeed a good guest but dont forget most of the previous guests were world premieres also, and as featured in the movies if not more so! So yes, compared to previous EDs, there are ONLY 7 guests. So far? Mazzic: I remember those days of Prowse et al charging £10 per auto and and 10 per photo etc, the one who changed all that was Ray Park I believe, now the major cast charge £20-£25 per auto and £10 or so per photo sometimes, For next year's Celebration I will be interested to see who will charge more than £10 per auto, at least the smaller cast members seem happy to pose for photos for free, it has brought the fun back to autograph collecting after the dodgy anctics of Mr Park! I do like Darth Maul though!!
  7. Come on theres only a week to go and only 7 guests!!
  8. Yes id LOVE to have certain stand in's for completion, Paul Campbell for SLJ would be great! Who did Gavin Hale stand in for? To Flinty who wanted handmaidens, convention-guests have Chantelle Barbieri, id like to see more handmaidens too! Friday Wilson?
  9. Why couldnt they just wear all-over masks like the stormtroopers did so we dont have this problem!
  10. Naboo Guards and Naboo Soldiers wore different uniforms! Look at the corresponding action figures. Although, according to the Naboo Soldiers photo posted up at convention-guests, M Savva was also a Soldier aswell as a Guard in TPM (red uniform, foreground)
  11. I dont think so. Also if Zac Kohen goes itll be the first 2 Naboo Soldiers signing (along with Sergio Marini), unless you count Andy Lawler. Or was he one of the guards?
  12. Kes Green, Friday Wilson, Andy Lawler, Dominic West, Zac Kohen, Chantelle Barbieri and Tom Sanderson please!
  13. Okay with the exception of A NEW HOPE, were there specific guests on the previous or upcomming Empire Day where you thought they were 'economical with the truth' in who they are or what they did?
  14. When I mentioned the before and after photos, I did mean where you can see their faces! That was the point I was trying to make. I remember someone mentioned that thay wrote to Lucasfilm to get a full list of actors and extras that worked on each movie but they said it would be a huge expense to compile those lists from their records. Im sure it would be more difficult for the old trilogy and even as we have seen with the prequels there was a running trend for select people to be recalled to each film to play different roles, may take a while to decipher who did what and where! If they are listed on convention-guests or confirmed by Kurtz/Joiner/Lucasfilm archives then I think its safe to say they are genuine. Everyone else I would say is a fake! I wonder if convention-guests do a verification service? Has anyone asked them?
  15. What was his reaction? ... always 100s of eyes looking at the props at all times so couldnt take anything. Hard to explain but you should have been there I guess. Looked like a hidden message that he may have got something but wouldnt say so in public I just realised, the reason why he didnt say anymore was because I saw at least 2 people in the audience filming! otherwise the guests would have elaborated. Thanks to whoever those cameramen were! >
  16. I didnt think there was a problem with the Q&A's at ED17, actually I quite liked them and others there seemed to enjoy too. Was there a problem with the Q&A's?
  17. Yep theres some new guys over at convention-guests, Andy Lawler and Mark Kirby look interesting. Itll be good to have Mr Lawler add to my multisigned Naboo Guard photo from the last ED
  18. Just curious! I got: Ted Western Phil Harvey Barry Summerford Ron Conrad David Sexton Peter House Mike Savva Kamay Lau Adam J Smith Martin Bou Mansour Tony Guilding Tony Allen Couldnt afford others!
  19. It will never happen. On every film an actor may play more than 1 role or wear more than one costume as we've seen with some of the prequel guys at ED. On a movie like Star Wars that actor will have no idea whats going on as the script was so secret, they just get brought in to do something on camera and then go. Most of the time the post production crew will even lose touch of who did what in a scene because the bluescreen editing being like cutting and pasting bits to make up a scene. Most names and roles are thereby lost, the best chance is to speak to someone who was actually there on set behind or in front of the cameras. Unfortunately with the original trilogy in particular that is impossible as many have sadly passed away since and time has faded memories.
  20. What photos were so good you wanted unsigned? I quite liked one of Adam J Smith's
  21. Some of those guests arent 'well-known' popular names but I really enjoyed some of their stories and their company. Some were surprisingly open about certain topics you wouldnt expect them to be. Good sports!
  22. Has Loucas Louca done an Empire Day before? he was a guest at a convention in Wales that I was unable to attend but I hear he was a very fun and chatty guy.
  23. Yes not many guests from AOTC have been to an ED, I only recall one or maybe two guests at recent EDs signing my brother's AOTC poster. Its difficult finding these guys, I assume most of them reside in Australia and those few that did the UK shoot may have also done the other 2 prequels so are more used to signing those.
  24. An auction is a good idea, how about something like a cast a crew clothing Collectables from a present or past guest (please god not an ebay fake!) As for the Q&A's, I quite liked that they were midday as im sure most of those that arrived early appreciated getting their posters and toys signed by the guests early. And id like to see Kes Green and Zac Kohen at ED18 too, it looks like both have Star Wars playing cards
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