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  1. flipp

    Hillywood Show

    it has been said about them coming before, and on the whole most seem to say no and didnt want guest money spent on them. And I am even sure it has been said only way they will come is if they pay own way and buy tickets. (thou that might have been on facebook pages etc) I myself too would rather have real guest and they are the one thing that has put me off going to the US cons, im just glad they dont do the cons I do over there.
  2. flipp

    Eternal Twilight 6

    awesome themes, no need to spend money on anything really, and for once I wont stand out as I wont spend money on a ball gown, thank you.
  3. Awesome guest, I cant get enough of charlie.
  4. flipp

    Bitten 2: Season 4 Discussions at the Con?

    If I am fan enough of a show enough to want to go to a con I am fan enough to download it, I will never get why people wait months to watch something if they really love it. Thats just how I see it of course.
  5. flipp

    latest Guest Announcement - NOEL FISHER

    wonderful new guest, look forward to meeting him.
  6. flipp

    Hilton Rooms?

    The website had the code thursday night, i booked 2 twins then, and was glad there was still some left when i got back this afternoon so got the queen for a friend.
  7. flipp

    Hilton Rooms?

    I booked a queen about half hour ago, maybe i was just lucky and got last of this block.
  8. flipp

    Latest Guest Announcement - BILL TANGRADI

    thanks for getting us our six guests, and hes def a cutie, look forward to meeting him.
  9. flipp

    ET6 Tickets On Sale at ET5

    its not like its going to sell out, going to buy there but no need for crack of dawn.
  10. flipp

    Latest Guest Announcement - JUSTIN CHON

    Awesome guest, now may the the peace resume.
  11. flipp

    hi all some updates for Eternal Twilight 6

    Awesome news now just need date for getting money sorted for tix
  12. flipp

    next guest coming soon

    I have loved every guest no matter how small their role in the film, Leah at last one i was blah with, didnt hate her but just didnt care, but she was amazing in the talks and i so wish i had got an op with her now. I am looking forward to seeing who is next one and will welcome them, and if there wasnt anymore well it would still be awesome weekend, as we make what the weekend turns out to be.
  13. flipp

    Party Themes Announced!

    Sunday one sounds best one, new pair of jimjams and some fluffy slippers and i might jsut take part.
  14. flipp

    Eternal Twilight 6

    Hoping tickets go on sale at et5, love the dates was hoping that weekend, i get paid about 20th so it always helps to be then.
  15. flipp

    Eternal Twilight 5 Hotel Booking Code

    thanks passed on there was more rooms to a friend that needed room.