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  1. Favourite moments?

    jamie calling me gorgous:) and me and my 3 friends getting completly wasted on the first 2 parties..anyone see 4 crazy drunk girls?
  2. Order processing - if your money has not been taken yet...

    my dad got a call/email saying the money didnt go throgu but to call before the 17th otherwise it will be cancelled..we will call!
  3. Snow?

    just checked some twitters of the guests for clues, looks like kiowa and jamie are already in england. the others havent mentioned ET3 i mean charlie, not jamie
  4. Tickets on Sale Monday!

    BOOKED YAAAAY!! these con's become addicting.
  5. Tickets on Sale Monday!

  6. Feedback for ET2

    That band, maaaaan i love them! Actualy amazing time, was gold ticket, totaly embarrassed myelf infront of edi in drinks reception, group 5 anyone? but back to the band, honestly, amazing, and gorgouse, got a kiss off leigh too and now chatting away on facebook :)
  7. Latest Guest Announcement: Rachelle Lefevre

    Yaaaaaay :) this makes jenni vaiiir happy
  8. Autograph messages

    I had,, From Thomas Sangster - To Jenni x Loads of Love, Thomas Sangster. and from Alex Marez - Alex Marez, To Jenni xx And alex got up and jumped over the table and actualy gave me the biggest squeeeeze ever and i have a pic to proove it :) im only a little 15 year old bless me, knocked my socks off!! :L :D
  9. Masquerade Playlists!

    YES YES YES YES im like a taylor swift obsessed fan. seeing her may 6th!

    yay yay yay yay!! THANKYOU SO MUCH my dad pretends to be billy, he does the whole 'im down with the kids' and does the hand movements, of course, his version doesnt compare to Gil's!
  11. ET Featured In Bliss

    just sent my dad down to the shops to get it for me is it sad that even if its the TINYEST thing ever, if its about twilight, i get it?
  12. Thank You Jola

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!! THANKYOU! I feel so lucky, so many girls from school wanted to go but there parents said no and now they obviously cant, and i just feel so lucky, THANKYOUUUU!! thankyou everyone whos organised/planned/prepping/ticket sorting out(jolaaaa:D)
  13. Eternal Twilight 2

    ahhh!! i play the game!!!. you suck haha!! my whole spanish class, including my teacher plays it, whenever we see each other round school where all like...I JUST LOST THE GAME! haha :)
  14. Party Themes

    I was thinking that XD might be fun to walk into the party hall and just see bright colours! prob best for friday night party :) (omg watching 90210, kelllllaaaann is on it!!! like talking!! <3 )
  15. Party Themes

    i know its not really a 'twilight' theme and im sorry if its already been mentiond but a 'nu rave' theme could be pretty cool,, neon colours and tutu's?