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  1. if showmasters/massive events are organizing a TVD convention, I'm 99% sure it would be sold out, these Conventions are SO popular in Europe, & the main cast is generally attending which is great! so please showmasters, we need a TVD Convention in 2013!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks for your quick reply, do they sell double photo ops as well or group shot? it's my last question, thanks for your help!
  3. Talking about photoshoots, I don't want to create a new topic just for 1 question. I have attended Hallowhedon 1 in 2009 & I don't remember if we can buy photo ops at the Event?
  4. c'est vrai qu'en France les conventions ont mauvaises réputations rien ne vaut l'Angleterre & les States, le Canada pour moi prochainement c'est plus loin, mais on est garanti du sérieux et l'évasion est là............... de plus, c'est moins cher (niveau billets).
  5. it would be cool anywhere in the UK (England mostly) more easy to get to!
  6. if this year is your last Twilight con & I saw you're making a True Blood con, next year it would be cool to get a Vampire Diaries convention!
  7. Yes please think about it Showmasters! It's very popular, you'd get so many people/fans for a VD Convention!!!!!!
  8. Hey guys, I just meant "Bones", no other tv show attached to it LOL
  9. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Any chance to get a Bones Convention in the UK?
  11. Yes please more Charmed guests I don't need to write who I want to meet the most if you read my signature!
  12. Great news! I met Jason in 2007, he was so sweet. Hopefully there'd be a Conan The Barbarian reunion, if SM could get Rose McGowan (as Marique in the movie).
  13. Thanks for this helpful FAQ! About the free buses to MK Dons & returns, do they drive all day? Because I cannot get the info on the website, thanks!
  14. Hi, I haven't attended Collectormania for ages, so I don't remember how photoshoot works for 2 people on the same pic with a guest attending, do we have to pay 1 photoshoot each? Example: £10 for each or £15 for both. Thanks for your help!
  15. ROSE MCGOWAN please as she played on Conan The Barbarian with Jason Momoa! & Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones)
  16. Yes please so I can get my Book of Shadows DVD collection signed!
  17. Yes, me too especially because Shannen has already been a guest so is Holly in July, so to see new beautiful faces like Rose or Alyssa would be great!
  18. Shannen came already, so would be cool to welcome Rose McGowan especially 'cause she played in The Grindhouse too, same as the Avellan's sisters!
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