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  1. It's my birthday weekend too, so I may just come down to this
  2. I am part of the Star Wars fan groups who regularly attend Showmasters conventions and often have a table at their shows, promoting fandom and costuming - we work under a united banner called Docking Bay which is comprised of four groups - the 99th Imperial Garrison, Rebel Legion UK, MK Garrison and Fan Force UK. Last G-Mex we came at the invite of the previous cosplay organiser, Emily, and worked alongside her. Not going to fib and say we aren't gutted that we won't be working with Emily again since I think all of the groups that came along would quick to say we would be more than happy to work with her again, and expected that to be going on for quite some time, because Emily looked after us and also appreciated what we do. And we appreciated that from her. So it'll be a huge shame, but for whatever reason, but the situation is now different. So after having said my feelings on that (and it wasn't a slight at any one person or group, just my feelings on losing someone we got on very well with) - We are all adults here so we move with the change, and hopefully the groups will get chance to talk to you Jackie during this G-Mex since there was some co-ordination with what the organised costume groups (Docking Bay groups above) were doing at the convention and the cosplay side run by Emily through SM. All of the COs of the groups mentioned above post here, Jase (Edgejedi) posted above and is a close friend of mine, as is Nici Chapman who is the CO of the 99th Imperial Garrison. I am the assistant representative for Fan Force UK North as well as a moderator for the Docking Bay, and I am more than happy to chat with you. We have found working together to further our own fandoms and communities is so much better than standing alone and being aloof, and we will be more than happy to work with other cosplayers to make the Showmaster conventions even more fun for attendees and the public. This is an invite to all cosplayers - Please feel free to come by and talk to the groups attending at Gmex, we won't bite, we are all there to enjoy the show, and it's about enjoying it together. I'll be there on Saturday only unfortunately. For what is being discussed on here, there are two considerations. For the people intending to go as cosplayers - for this one show, and it is so far only one show, go along with what the organiser is doing, talk to her at the show, see how it pans out. I fully understand that you'd prefer a different format (and I know the people joining in and also watching the cosplay contests will be FULLY supportive of what you do on the stage - you are courageous people), but for this show Jackie wants to try something diffferent. Let her see how it goes. She has a learning experience to go through too, on what works well and also what the cosplayers want. And find the happy medium. To Jackie - I think as you seem to be someone new to this I'll try and give a little advice, hopefully it'll make sense. All of the posters in this thread are regulars at SM events. They pay their entrance money, they contribute more than the usual punter who comes to buy a few things and watch some talks. What I am trying to say is that these are the people who will support you, and make the events better, they are the backbone of what you are trying to create. They have posted angry because of their reasons above. I have been a moderator on forums where people show no interest in meeting up, making effort, and it's hard when facing any kind of criticism from those sort of people. But the people you have here will get off their butts and make a difference, and I know it's frustrating right now because you want to try something new, and you have faced a reaction, but just keep up with patience, and as a moderator/organiser alwatys stay polite, understand that they have been here making an effort for SM shows for quite some time, and their feelings are important, as are yours. They are all intelligent people, each with needs - and tbh they spend enough money, effort and time for such events. Just see how your trials go, but listen to them - they are the backbone with which you can make cosplay at SM a talked-about and much-followed thing. Like Emily was building. Look forward to meeting you. I may try and attend Coventry too, let's see.
  3. It was definitely a good weekend for Star Wars groups - we all worked well together and hopefully created a friendly atmosphere for guests and visitors. Looking forward to future events. I'd like to echo Jase's and Nici's comments and thank Emily and Showmasters, we are grateful for being there, and it was just good to be able to help the show, I think having fan/costuming groups there helps with making any show more fan friendly, and gives a sense of community. Legolassie Malfoy - hey I was helping Emily with guests for the cosplay contest. Nice to meet you. Look forward to more cosplay events at future shows.
  4. For the past two G-Mex events, Star Wars costuming groups have attended. The 99th Imperial Garrison and Rebel Legion will be there with costumed members. They'll be there along with Fan Force UK, a social group, not a costuming group as such. All three have tables, so please come by and say "hi"
  5. We hope everyone attending and working at Collectormania Manchester has a fantastic weekend! The Docking Bay is an initiative currently within UK-based Star Wars fandom for fan and costuming groups to work together for the betterment of fandom and the fan scene at conventions and other venues. Currently it is formed of the 99th Imperial Garrison, Rebel Legion UK and Fan Force UK (North). We have new member groups joining up right now, as we head to Manchester. We are hoping this will be an exciting time now for fan groups! Please come by our tables and say "hello" or say hi to the costumers of 99th Imperial and Rebel Legion as they walk the floor. They are more than happy to take photographs and they are all a great bunch of people! If you are a Star Wars fan, then come by the Fan Force UK table, where we are celebrating the 30th Anniversary with our Star Wars (and Fan Force) memories display, so please leave your own favourite memory at our table. And just say "hi", we are all fans enjoying our fandom! All the best, Tim Bolton, Assistant CR for Fan Force UK North / Docking Bay Admin
  6. I'm from Southport, close, but am travelling up today - have a table to set up Quite a few of the members of the 99th Imperial Garrison costuming group are from the Wirral tho, be sure to come by their table (look for stormies and you'll see them, though I believe there may be other Imperial costuming groups there too lol) and say "hi" Hope everyone has a safe journey, and a great event! See you there
  7. Don't worry Angel, there will be cosplayers and costumers there, so you won't be the only one Check this thread for three Star Wars groups going, two of whom are costuming focused. All three have tables for the G-Mex show, all three will be promoting Star Wars fandom. And even though we are Star Wars based, it would be great to see other costuming people and groups and say hi to them. It's all about fandom, about expressing our love of fandom and also (hopefully) entertaining the general public and convention-goers along the way. And we are a friendly bunch. May post about some interactive things on our table in the next week or so It's Children in Need the night before the G-Mex show, so I believe all three groups will have some form of collection for that worthy cause. I'll be with the Fan Force UK North table on the Saturday since I am currently Assistant Chapter Representative for the FF-UK North, and on Sunday I will be costuming crew for the 99th Imperial Garrison and also Rebel Legion UK. Look foward to seeing everyone there. North rocks! --- Tim Bolton Assistant Chapter Representative, Fan Force United Kingdom: North Crew, The 99th Imperial Garrison/Rebel Legion UK
  8. That is such sad news Jason. Gutted for you as his friend, and for his family Not much else can be said really.
  9. Christopher Lee at another convention a few months back announced on stage (I was there) where he was singing (that's singing not signing ) that he wasn't interested in film any more and was looking forward to a career in music - not sure if that goes on to not doing signings for films either, but he seemed adamant that his film/tv side of his life was over and didn't want any film related questions. That made it hard because the singing bit before he he did his Q&A had a few "technical" faults and people didn't really know what to ask regarding his singing. Since it was also in French. He's a great actor and I love what he has been in, but I think that con didn't make me feel I could approach him for a signature any time soon.
  10. I am a big Star Wars fan, but not so big collector of autographs. If it were the case that having SW actors meant that actors from other series didn't attend, then I'd agree it's not great for you. Is there any proof that is the case? However, this year is the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, it's great to see so many actors attending this event, because not all of them got the chance at other events in the UK this year, and it's their year as much as Heroes and other great TV shows. I personally don't attend these shows for the autographs, I come along with the fan group I am part of (and on ocassion where we are allowed help promote that fan group). It's about meeting fans of the same stuff that I am into. And maybe chat with some of the actors that I know a little from my time with the New York City Fan Force, and UK based one. Last LFCC I attended was a great experience, hope this one will be too.
  11. At several of your previous shows (LFCC, Manchester, etc) you have had several Star Wars fan groups working together to promote Star Wars fandom via tables and also cosplayers walking around the show entertaining the crowds - these groups all know each other, and work well together, because we are fans and we are friends. It's that kind of fandom I am happy to be part of and promote, each of the three groups serve a different side of Star Wars fandom. Fan Force UK/Europe/USA ( http://boards.theforce.net/default.asp?cat=10022 ) - the social side of SW fandom Rebel Legion UK/Europe ( http://www.rebellegion.co.uk/ )- Rebel costumers and cosplayers 99th Imperial Garrison ( http://www.the99thimperial.com/ ) - Imperial costumers and cosplayers At a recent event, Fan Force UK & Europe had a table, from where we chatted with fans, and an art display of fan's work, both set up by London Chapter Representative, Matt Skilton. We can help promote Star Wars fandom from the side of fans who don't have the money to buy costumes, who just want to chat about the films, the EU, etc - but Fan Force also has a lot of members who are extremely creative - fan films, art, fiction, costumes etc. I am sure FF-UK would love to be part of the Showmasters LFCC event, I'd travel down to help promote us (and we always promote your events on our forums, and I promote your events over on the StarWars.com forums). Matt Skilton posts on these forums (he posted above in fact), he is our best contact for FF-UK (especially since LFCC is his local area and he's a great bloke), and I can give you the names of contacts for the other two groups we work well with, though I believe all three groups have had contact with you at various times in the past anyways. At one of your last Manchester shows I was lucky to be provided by Dark Horse Comics with some giveaways, I'll look into other things I can help promote Star Wars because I want to see SW do well in the UK, from my experiences in the US.
  12. It's just a run of bad luck tbh, I feel bad for all - Showmasters, the guests and fans and to be honest it's happened, time to move on and just look forward to the next event. Hope Fan Force UK can be there and enjoy the November bash. Good to see the general positive posting above, it's a shame this happened, but it's not the end of the world, and I am sure the November Manchester show will be just as good as the last one.
  13. Sounds a great idea and yeah, Aspen - would fit in well with a fan area. Stuff like this make conventions more of an experience for visitors - to go along with the meeting guests and shopping. Wish you luck in getting this off the ground.
  14. Like at the last Collectormania G-Mex, Fan Force UK (North) and Rebel Legion shared costumers and table and again members had a fun time. I'd like to thank Showmasters for putting on this event in the North. Good to hear our costumers had a positive impact on the show, it means a lot to us when people appreciate what we do. Here's to the next event. Best part of the event? Meeting another group who have the same principles as FF-UK and Rebel Legion - and we got table space next to them. Thank you to the 99th Imperials for being there, you are a great bunch of people, will be cool to work alongside you again, hopefully soon.
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