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  1. For anyone who wasn’t at the event this year the date for next was revealed. It’ll be on 5th and 6th September 2020.
  2. He really is going to meet more than any one of us
  3. There has been rumours he'll be in doctor who Christmas special. Which films in June.
  4. Going from Sylvester's announcement (http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=93120), it'll be the 80's console. Yeah I know, that's what I said I just wondered what the background would be. I wasn't aware there had ever been Showmasters photo shoots with this console? So that's why I wanted clarification. This isn't the John Hurt console that was used for previous photos Sylvester has done a console shoot before. Was that the John Hurt console? Forgive me, German TV was really lacking with the early Doctor Who seasons. Last years one was the 96 console, Paul mcgann movie one
  5. 1. PenThePirate (+ at least 4) 2. Wrong Name (maybe but looking more likely) 3. wjbleming (+1 more than likely) 4. John1980 (solo) 5. Mario (+3, probably) 6. Chrisrus (+1)
  6. Looks set to be even better than last year for me. And last year it was good. Got about 13 autos and 7 photo shoots so far
  7. Looking to bring some of my own pictures to get signed. Anyone know good sites to look at. I know if stateside stills. But is there any other
  8. Got issue 2 and 3 today. Loving it.
  9. Great guest. Tempted to get a group pic and all stargate cast to sign
  10. Last night I saw Live by night which was disappointing. The weakest of Ben Affleck's directed films. Also saw LA LA Land which was fantastic. Lived up to the hype.
  11. I thought Assassins Creed was ok but then I havent played the gamesYou're not alone there, John, played the games and I enjoyed the movie, too. Also, Assassin's Creed is the only film I've seen this year so far. I actually nearly fell asleep. And I wasn't even that tired before seeing the film
  12. I'm getting it. The company have a good track record with these builds. Not heard of anything popular like this being ever cancelled
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