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  1. It actually works better for me - I'm coming down for the Friday night and Saturday now, rather than Sat & Sun, so will get probably about the same amount of time as I would had I done Sat & Sun, but don't have to mess about with awful Sunday afternoon trains!
  2. Great stuff! Wanted to meet him when he was announced before, but was unable to attend.
  3. Sublime guest - may just be enough to get me down there! Can we have some more Italia 90/Euro 96 England players please?
  4. Enjoyed a brief chat with Hirsty pre-match on Saturday. Always a top bloke, quick witted and has plenty of time for fans. Would have been capped more for his country but for injury. Trusty left peg.
  5. Indeed. The only unreal thing about it was the reference to an event that never existed.
  6. When they are all sat around smoking pot, Paul asks Nick Frost when he last got laid, and he replies with 'Collectormania London '08'. Or something along those lines. And then he goes on to say how it was with a hot ewok chick. Yeah. Hardly "fame". I mean, ComicCon is mentioned and featured a hell of a lot more than the one reference to an event that I'm not even sure existed in 2008? Wasn't CM only at MK back then?... Blink and you'd miss the reference - unless of course you were looking for it - which I was.
  7. I actually believe he should buy my autograph off me for 10% of that :-)
  8. Very disappointing. No Autographica in Birmingham is a major, major loss for this year. Also, from memory, I think the Birmingham events have always had the better feedback on these forums.
  9. Keith, you are nothing but a Keith.
  10. ? Tony Currie is a Sheffield Utd legend. lukeowl on the other hand supports the other team in the city, that strange, weird, funny league 1 side, Sheff Wed. Both sets of fans refer to the other as pigs You will soon enough be learning to enjoy the delights of League One. History tells us who the superior side in this City is. UTO FTB
  11. I'd be very happy to meet many of them. I see where the honourable Count is coming from, but I think Autographica has a fairly refined customer base and I'd like to think that it would be the odd nut-nut that would show themselves up in the way that those oddballs did over the Blair book signing.
  12. Will you be showing the wedding at Autographica? It must be shown.
  13. This is very distressing. I was so hoping to meet 6 of the winners. Now it will only be 5. Could do with Roger as a replacement. See it done.
  14. I wonder what Snowmasters would have to say about it if the event was snow go?
  15. I am driving from Sheffield, but as there is no such thing as snow I have nothing to worry about.
  16. There's no such thing as snow.
  17. Is that definitely Norman Chancer? If so, I hope he has that image with him as it's a pretty cool scene that!
  18. Yes! Could do with meeting him again from a Withnail perspective! Good stuff!
  19. Many of us saw this coming a long time ago. Big shame, but I suppose it's cash saved.
  20. Do we know what Disney animation he has worked on?
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