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  1. Is this the classic first timer? I'm sure Diana attended a cm years back???...
  2. She is well overdue. Get her, and get her now!
  3. Great news! Really hope he doesn't cancel this time!!
  4. One of the real highlights of LFCC this weekend for me was the Friday preview. It was great to be able to get in and meet some of the guests and get a good look at the dealers the night before the show kicked into gear. I know that this isn't necessarily something SM could or would do for all events, but would they consider doing it for their larger events like CM/LFCC & EMS in the future?
  5. Clone Wars voice actors seem very active at events in the US, yet, to my knowledge, have been vastly under-represented at UK events. Tom Kane would be a real treat in this respect! What about the classic voice actors like Frank Oz (I know he gets asked for time and again from a Star Wars perspective, but what about his Muppet work?). And what about the voice of Big Bird/Oscar the Grouch - Caroll Spinney? Anyone from Toy Story films & other classic Disney. Spongebob voice actors. He Man voice actors would also be ace
  6. Macauley Culkin Any rare Back to the Future guests Michael Madsen Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Police Academy guests Will Wheaton Jerry O'Connell Robert Davi Marshall Bell Sean Astin Jeff Cohen Keri Green Martha Plimpton Jonathon Ke Quan Joe Pantoliano Julie Dreyfus Darryl Hannah Chiaki Kuriyama Sonny Chiba Michael Bowen Gordon Liu Any Star Wars guests Any Tarrantino guests
  7. I met Christopher Lloyd relatively early Saturday morning and he was really friendly and chatty enough - I had a bried conversation with him about BTTF series and his favourite film of the 3 being the 3rd because he got to play around on Steam trains and that Doc had a love interest. We also spoke about Piranha 3D and the fact that he's made second and third installments in that franchise. He signed my poster with a quote and also shook my hand afterwards. Sounds a pretty different exprience to most in this thread, but I was really pleased with Mr. Lloyd.
  8. This is what I'm getting at. Some people would have bought a ticket based on the number - regardless of caveats in place, it is the number that stands out. There should have been no mention of a number. At best its misleading, at worse it is a form of conceited advertising to encourage people to buy in advance. I am attending tomorrow, but not for the free signers, I'm more focussed on getting to the stall holders and seeing if I can pick up any early convention bargains. But, I know how people could have been influenced to buy into the preview based on the conception that there would be 6 free signers. A number should not have been mentioned.
  9. Why put a number? Why not just say "we will be also working to get some free signers" or something like that?
  10. Never the twain shall meet? What you on about? I'm just about as fanatical a football fan as I am a movie geek. The two go very well together I might add!
  11. only two announced, but didnt SM say 6?? Just doubtful now what with it being tomorrow and everything....
  12. I'm a colourist at the show, and I'll have an artist with me sketching whatever character you'd like. If you bring some reference that would be helpful though! If not we can try and look it up online. We'll be in the Comics Village from Friday on John-Paul Bove's table. Hope to see you there! Great stuff! I'd really be looking for Buzz Lightyear or maybe a collection of the characters. If I was to speak with you guys about a comission on Friday do you think I would be able to collect on Saturday? Really looking forward to the show, but don't think I'll have anywhere near enough time to get around evertyhing I need!!
  13. My son is mad on Toy Story at the moment - would anyone know from the comic artists who are attending LFCC this weekend if any of them would happily draw some characters from Toy Story for him? I'd feel a bit silly asking them to sketch something like this if they might not be interested in doing it. Any advice that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. My Friday looks a lot less interesting than all of yours. Though, I have no interest in Who.
  15. Great work! Really pleased with this. Never too many things to get Gary to sign. What days will Gary be attending?
  16. Please forgive me if I jumped to the wrong conclustion, but maybe to set the record straight you could enlighten me to how many games you attended last season?. I assume not living in the city that your team is based does cause even more access problems. Much the same as 95% of Manchester United supporters. For the record, I'm a season ticket holder who does attend a number of (not all) away games as well. I know how accessible the players are at my club - and I don't think that would change massively unless the stadium access or layout at the training ground changed. That said, I don't lug books and photos and pens to football matches with me - usually my pre-match/post match activities involve getting into the pub early doors to meet up with mates, have a few drinks, then onto the match, then home to my wife and son. So, I think you are generalising in some of the comments you make. Also, I was indeed, referring to the fact that the majority of the guests announced at this event are not accessible these days, simply because they are not all associated to any particular club at present. Sure, they may be the guest of honour at a former club's games from time to time, but in those instances, they usually spend their time in corporate hospitality. I always think back to the time when I visited Old Trafford on Business a couple of years ago. It was the morning of a Champions League game or other. Beside me at the Reception desk stood a certain Bobby Charlton. It's a shame I forgot my England team photo, signed by 8 of his teammates no less. I should have remembered that it's the done thing to lug things to get signed around with me whenever I head to a football stadium. Damn shame!
  17. When have you seen Big Ron or Gazza of late? Or Andy Goram & Neville Southall for that matter! I'd say they are all pretty rare. And, while the 66 stars are regular attendees at events like this, try finding them all in one place - "for free"!! SM have assembled a great list of footballers. I think we need to embrace this event so that future editions can get better.
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