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  1. Great stuff - it's always nice to see Kenny. Any chance of inviting Rusty Goffe along as well?
  2. It's not in "honour" of anything as far as I'm aware. It's a one day Dr. Who event in Barking. Then it is in honour of Dr. Who, is it not?
  3. No. I don't suppose they have.
  4. Everybody should - I am ALWAYS right.
  5. Any indication of price for this one?
  6. Can we have some more Star Wars people please? I'm not talking big names, but people like Rusty Goffe, Peter Geddis, Leslie Schofield, George Roubicek, etc, etc :)
  7. I'd like to see some more film stars / more obscure Star Wars/ Bond types. Some more WWII guests would also be good as well. Also other historical significants.
  8. Yes, Jeffries is a great suggestion. Jeffries and DickVanDyke would be good.
  9. Possibly the most interesting guest ever announced for an Autographica. I sincerely hope Freda will be invited to give a talk.
  10. George Roubicek - missed him last time
  11. Carrie Fisher is due an appearance in the UK, surely? She's the only regular big name attendee that I need to sign my ANH poster, so I'm really hoping for her to be announced soon! Any other ANH lesser known's would be good - perhaps they could try and get George Roubicek again as I missed him last time.
  12. Do you want to tell us again?
  13. Could a photo shoot to mark this event be arranged?
  14. I knew I should have got something Vikings related signed by Tony Curtis last year!! Will have to be a Wild Bunch poster or image I reckon for this one.
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