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  1. Is there any point in announcing either him or Tem Morrison again?! They always cancel!!
  2. Hoping for another Apollo guest. Failing that, a n other significant space guest.
  3. Good news - and really pleased that it will be in Birmingham as opposed to London. Good work!
  4. Sadly, I couldn't attend this year's Autographica, but would be better placed to attend next year (and I did spend cash at this years through the good Count!). Just wondered if there are plans for an event next year?
  5. In fairness to Buzz, I assume his pricing is directly related to the fact that people will make money out of his autograph on sites like eBay, etc, so he puts these prices in place to ensure he is the one to profit from his achievements and signed photos/memorabilia baring his image/referencing those achievements. That said, I would have paid a max of £150 for a signed 10x8 with no limit to what I could have written on it. I chose not to pay the asking price. No point moaning about the prices - nobody is forcing anyone to part with any cash. If you object to the rules - no matter how ridiculous they appear - then don't part with your cash and go without. For the record, I have a signed copy of his autobiography that cost around £20 I think. That'll do for me! Didn't attend this weekend, but a friend did and he picked me up a signed photo from each of Richard Gordon & Charlie Duke, both of which I am over the moon with! (Excuse the pun!)
  6. Nice and helpful then. Thanks people!
  7. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend EMS, but was hoping I could order signatures from Chris Claremont & Dan Slott - does anyone know if this would be possible? If not, is anyone planning on meeting Chris/Dan who may be able to help me out via the forum? Thanks in advance.
  8. Any chance of getting him to bring Karen along as well?
  9. Wow! That is some announcement! Well done SM!
  10. I spoke with Jodie last night and she said she was up for it.
  11. I thought the venue was fine - it's really quite good that it's pretty much "THERE" when you step off the tube - makes it less of a pain in trying to find the place. As others have said, the size of the venue felt bigger which allowed for more guests and better spacing out of the particular areas. The main "issue" (if that's what you could all it) still seemed to be around the stewarding/staffing of the event. Queueing was frequently an issue. An example of this was the lad managing the Craig Parker queue on Saturday AM. He took my VT off me, tore it up, told me to join the queue and stayed about three-four people in front of me rather than standing behind me at the back of the queue - this allowed people to join the queue behind me without having VT's and it just caused a bit of an unnecesary "disagreement" when a few people behind me weren't aware of the VT's - they thought it was an open queue. I also wish there was more staffing on the comic guest area - couldn't find anyone who knew whether some of the guests were attending or not. Just seemed like the comic artist area was left to its own devices and sort of forgotten about. I had a great day on Saturday though. Didn't get around many of the dealers stalls though - purely due to how busy I was. I met all 20 guests who were there that I wanted to meet and had a fantastic time. Thanks Showmasters.
  12. There was a no show from Mike Ploog as well Jim Starlin was ace though - sketching and signing for free :-) I feel that the comic guest element just seems to get brushed aside, so we never really got to know who was coming and when they'd be turning up. Shame Abnett wasn't there, would like to have met him for some Real Ghostbusters stuff. Gary Frank was the one I missed out on who was there - by the time I got back to his desk, he had a long queue and was sketching some rather detailed stuff for his patrons and by that time I was bored of queuing :-)
  13. Where, roughly, will the comic guests be?
  14. As the good count says, it's never a bad thing to have GK on board.
  15. Far too much!! So far, I plan on meeting 20 film and tv guests and 3 comic guests (might be more). I am only there on Saturday though, so I fear I may run out of time and end up missing someone. Priorities might have to be Jim Starlin & Mike Ploog as I really want sketches from those guys and fear I may miss out if I prioritise Gillian Anderson and Karl Urban VQT's!!
  16. Have to agree Jason - this is the best lineup for me personally at any event I've attended before. You are giving us a show to rival the very best of them in the States - you should be very proud! Can't wait!! And back on this subject, would Alex Garland be available to sign non- Dredd related items?
  17. Might seem like a silly question, but will Alex Garland, Jock, etc, be signing at LFACC as well as Karl Urban? If so, how will it work? Thanks
  18. Hi, does anyone know if Mike Ploog will be signing items and sketching? Or will he be doing just one or the other? With all the movie and tv guests I'm wanting to meet and the fact I'm only there on one day will mean I might miss out on getting any quality time with the comic guests in attendance - there are a number I want to meet but not sure how their time will be spent. Any advice specifically with Ploog, Abnett & Starlin in mind would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  19. Good guest, and someone I will definitely be meeting.
  20. I would take great pleasure in meeting Sean Bean... Great pleasure indeed....
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